2023 Young Scholars Program: Wrap Up

Today concluded the 2023 Young Scholars Program! During the second half of the program, the students worked hard to create their final presentations and posters, while also attending

Richard Harris

weekly seminars and field trips.

Week 4 kicked off with a “GEM Informational Session” from  Richard Harris.

During homeroom the following day, Mark Casto led a rocket building activity using materials such as carboard, electrical tape, and tubing.

On Wednesday, Yongmin Liu presented on “Artificial Materials Enabling New Optical Properties and Applications.”

To wrap up Week 4, the students went on a field trip to Amgen, hosted by MaryBeth Rockett, a YSP alum and past coordinator. The YSPs were able to tour five of Amgen’s process development labs.

Following a morning at Amgen, the YSPs visited the Institute of Contemporary Art.

Students began Week 5 by launching the rockets they had previously built. Using a pressurized launcher and a bike pump, the students tested their rockets for distance and height on Centennial Common.

For their weekly field trip, YSPs took the Boston Harbor ferry to George’s Island where they toured the fort through a game of hide and seek tag.

After spending Week 6 finalizing their work, the students concluded their summer experience on Thursday, August 3rd by presenting their research to family, faculty, and peers. All posters and presentations can be found on our YSP alumni page.

As the program comes to an end, we would like to acknowledge and thank all faculty and labs that participated in the program, both as hosts to our YSPs and as presenters during lunch seminars. This year brought us an exceptional group of students, and it has been a pleasure working with and learning from all of them.

Final Presentation Day!

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