2024 Young Scholars Program: Week 2

The second week of the Young Scholars Program (YSP) has come to an end! This week, the scholars focused on their lab work and experienced their first lab visits with the program coordinators. 

In addition to day-to-day work, the students also engaged in a series of various presentations throughout the week. The coordinators delivered an informative presentation on creating resumes and setting up LinkedIn accounts. The cohort then created their own LinkedIn accounts, connected with their peers, and read through sample resumes to help build their own. Professor Patricia Mabrouk delivered an insightful presentation on research contracts to the YSPs. Using the research contracts, each student will collaborate with their mentors and lab professors to outline expectations for their lab work and contributions to the research projects. This week’s lunch seminar was “Tissue Engineering Models for Cancer, Drug Delivery, and Treatment Resistance” by Professor Cynthia Hajal. Thank you to our presenters this week!

Professor Patricia Mabrouk introducing research contracts to YSPs

After working in their labs for the morning, lunchtime has consisted of relaxing under the trees of Centennial or playing games like spike ball, Jenga, and ultimate frisbee (courtesy of Northeastern’s Husky 101 Orientation) in Krentzman Quad. 

To wrap up this week, Mark Casto hosted an engineering activity where the Scholars had to put on their creative caps and improve the classic backpack. By defining a problem, identifying a goal, and imagining possible solutions, the scholars created posters showing 5-6 innovations for a traditional backpack. Check out the photos below to see what the YSPs came up with!

Pictured (left to right): Gabriella, Tsering, Edi, & Corbin

Pictured (left to right): Skyler, Ben, Leo, & Victor

The Coordinators’ backpack idea!

As a bonus, check out this photo of the coordinators! Here’s to four more great weeks!

“Coincidentally” Coordinated Coordinators!


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