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Field Trip – King K-8 (3-23-18)

On March 23rd, 50 fourth graders from King K-8 School came to Northeastern University for a field trip on engineering and renewable energy. In the morning, the students were split into two groups. The first group created a number of functional circuits to play music, power a fan or lamp, or a combination of tasks […]

Field Trip – Curley K-8 School ...

On March 16th, 36 fourth graders from Curley K-8 School came to Northeastern University for a field trip on engineering. The students went to the earthquake lab where they learned how civil engineers design buildings to withstand earthquakes and simulate the effects of an earthquake on a structure. The students then made their own “buildings” […]

Field Trip – New Mission High S...

On November 17, 65 seventh grade students from the New Mission High School came to Northeastern University for a field trip on engineering. The students participated in the egg drop experiment in the morning. The students have a wide range of materials to ‘buy’ with their allotted budgets, in order to create a device that results in […]

Fall Callback 2017

On November 10th, 25 sixth to eighth graders from local schools came to Northeastern University for Fall Callback. All of these students had previously participated in either NUSSP or GE Girls here at the Center for STEM Education at Northeastern. In the morning the students did name games and ice breakers to get to know […]

Reverse Field Trip – Murphy K-8...

On November 7th, four Northeastern volunteers went to the Murphy K-8 School for a reverse field trip on the Engineering Design Process. Working with the school’s normal schedule, students were challenged to complete the Reverse Egg Drop activity with a limited amount of time. Volunteers Brian and Colin played an integral role in leading the […]

NEPTUN (11-4-17)

NEPTUN (11-4-17)

On November 4th and 5th, about 125 students from local high schools came to Northeastern University for NEPTUN. Northeastern volunteers compiled their own curriculum and created courses that students were able to sign up for prior to the event. In total there were thirty three different courses offered, many of which having multiple sections. Some […]

Volunteer Test Day (11-3-17)

Volunteer Test Day (11-3-17)

On November 3rd, previous Northeastern volunteers came together for a day focused on design challenges and feedback. In the morning volunteers competed to see who could construct the tallest, most sturdy Paper Tower that could stand on its own with a limited number of index cards. The volunteers then worked on making either a miniature […]

Field Trip – JP Manning Element...

On October 20th, 25 fifth graders from JP Manning Elementary came to Northeastern University for a field trip on engineering. A number of volunteers from Northeastern’s Student Chapter of ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) helped run this field trip. The students learned about the basics of engineering and the engineering design process as Brian […]

Field Trip – Brooke Roslindale ...

On October 20th, 60 fifth graders from Brooke Roslindale came to Northeastern University for a field trip on telecommunications. The students were given a presentation on communication systems. The students then split into two main groups. The first group of students used Snap Circuits to build light switches that were then used to transmit Morse […]

Field Trip – Donald McKay Scho...

On October 13th, 45 fifth graders from the Donald McKay School came to Northeastern University for a field trip on energy and electricity. The students did a series of Snap Circuits activities. The students then experimented with solar panels and how different colors and other factors influence the voltage output in the Solar Energy activity. […]

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