Center for STEM Education – Situation Updates

Situation Updates for the Center for STEM Education

As the Covid pandemic slowly draws to a close, restrictions at Northeastern have mostly been lifted and programs will be running (for the most part) normally.

The well-being of everyone in the Northeastern community is always paramount, and we encourage everyone to take care of themselves and one another as we navigate these challenging times together. Parents, students and faculty may contact us if you encounter questions or challenges moving forward.

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Proposal Assistance for Faculty
We continue to provide support to faculty in the development of proposals, specifically in the support of Broader Impact efforts.  Please email Claire Duggan directly at [email protected].

Things to Do:

Please check out our Web Resources page for a list of academic resources to keep yourselves occupied.

In addition, we published over 30 newsletters with hands-on activities related to each specific STEM topic covered that week. These can be found in our blog.

K-12 Student Engagement (2022-2023)

Number of students directly interacted with with program efforts in AY 2022-23 (Sept ’22 – Feb’23):


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