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NSF INCLUDES Alliance: Engineering PLUS
(Partnerships Launching Underrepresented Students)

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NSF Award #2119930 | “Northeastern Wins $10 Million NSF Grant to Boost People of Color and Women in Engineering Nationally
Grant Goal: +10% undergraduate and +5% graduate increases for BIPOC/Female degrees in Engineering (100,000/30,000)

Implementation :
“Begin” Phase (2021-2022) => Creation of Backbone organization, first 2 regional hubs, and scale-up academy
“Grow” Phase (2022-2024) => Fully integrate 50K coalition into the 50K PLUS Alliance, see the growth of network and one more regional hub
“Sustain” Phase (2025-onwards) => establish future hubs and sustainability as result of industrial and other funding

  1. Create a backbone organization
  2. Create a robust organization of regional networks incorporating regional LSAMP entities to manage the scale-up strategy
  3. Integrate the 50K coalition and it’s partners
  4. Establish reproducible training programs for university change agents supported by home institutes
  5. Utilize and scale up research-based engagement activities for students from high school to work force (such as bridge programs, first-year engineering programs, minority engineering programs)
  6. Foster a culture of shared metrics and data utilization
  7. Conduct research in support of scaling
  8. Onboard non/for-profit organizations for expanding engagement strategies and continued funding
  9. Internal and external evaluations

CfSE Involvement: Achieving Regional Student Engagement in Engineering:

  • stEm PEERs will play a major role as the links between the women/BIPOC students being recruited/enrolled/retained and the engineering deans and faculty at universities and community colleges.
  • Chief Diversity Officers, Directors of MEP and WEP programs, and other broader impact professionals will be invited to apply to the stEm Scale-Up academy.
  • Home institutions will be required to offer release time for these PEERs and to provide resources for implementation of BI best practice projects (capstones).
  • stEm PEERs will engage in a 1-year long PD and research experiences followed by 2-year Capstone project to pilot/enhance targeted best practices

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