Partner Faculty

Partner Faculty

Electrical / Computer Engineering:

Electric power systems, smart grids, microgrids, wireless power transfer, power converters, energy management and batteries, solar energy, wind energy speed drives, electric vehicles, LED lighting, power supplies for cell phones and portable electronics, magnetic materials for energy generators

Civil / Environmental Engineering:

Environmental impacts of metals production; life cycle; material and energy use in urban environments and civil infrastructure, materials for buildings, transportation, mechanics, off-shore wind structures, computations of energy systems, modeling, molecular dynamics, structures, nanomechanics, experimental testing

Mechanical / Industrial Engineering:

Industrial composites and ceramics, magnetic manipulation for turbines materials for energy, renewable energy, combustion, system energy analysis, feedback, solar heating, solar water heating, lightweight composite materials; carbon-carbon composites for energy reduction, nanomaterials, Energy and gas turbine cooling technology

Chemical Engineering:

Nano-materials for energy, magnetic materials for wind turbine magnets, biofuels, renewable energy, life cycle, microalgae

First Year Engineering Program:

Renewable energy instruction

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