Volunteer Training Day – STEM Field Trips (9.22.2023)

Last Friday (9.22) we had our Volunteer Training Day for the Fall 2023 semester.

Many volunteers came out to learn what their role would be in any upcoming field trips, got their questions answered on how to get involved, as well as got hands-on experience with some of the events that are held during field trips.

The first activity that our volunteers participated in was the Reverse Egg Drop, where teams of 2 split off to create a device that would protect an egg (an activity that our visitors do to learn about bioengineering). The main constraint, beyond the egg having to survive, was that the teams had to create something out of the box, so style and aesthetics became a driving factor in a lot of the team’s designs.

After a glorious winner was crowned, the volunteers moved on to the last project of the day, Paper Rockets. After a brief overview of slides the volunteers would eventually teach, teams reconvened and started building their own rockets. But, a basic rocket is no fun so teams were given a list of possible requirements. These included really small rockets, really big rockets, or rockets with tons of fins! Once our teams refueled with pizza they were off to Centennial Common for their rockets long awaited blast off!

Teams stand proudly with their rockets before the big moment.

Wonder which will go further??

Thanks to all the volunteers that came out. We hope todays activities made you just as excited for these upcoming events as we are!


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