2022 Projects

Project [ECE]: Solar Harvesting Using MPPT Technology
Professor: Mahshid Amirabadi | Research Page
Mentor: Anran Wei
REU Student: Emilina Tran

Project [ChemE]: Raman Spectroscopy of Layered MnO2 Materials for Batteries
Professor: Joshua Gallaway | Research Page
Mentor: Eric Zimmerer & Dominick Guida
REU Student: Yashvi Gosalia

Project [ECE]: Machine Learning and Optimization of Solar and its Energy Storage
Professor: Bradley Lehman | Research Page
Mentor: Uthandi Selvarasi
REU Students: Steven Hopkins & Mohamed Mohamed

Project [ECE]: Simultaneous Curvature and Near Infrared Sensing
Professor: Taskin Padir | Research Page
Mentor: Nathaniel Hanson
REU Student: Donelle Furline Jr.

2021 Projects

Project [ECE]: Operation, Monitoring and Control of Power Grids with many Renewable Energy Sources
Professor: Ali Abur | Research Page
Mentors: Ramtin Khalili, Cesar Galvez
REU Students: Adrian Gibson, Callaway Pate

Project [ECE]: Green Energy Buddy – Adapting Home Energy Use to a Green Grid
Professor: Mike Kane | Research Page
REU Students: Semari Massey, Marina Mireles Rios

Project [ECE]: Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning Predictions of Solar Electric Power
Professor: Brad Lehman | Research Page
REU Students: Bria Frazier, Jay Park

Project [CHEM]: Advanced and more Sustainable Electrocatalysis for Energy Conversion and Storage
Professor: Sanjeev Mukerjee | Research Page 1 / Page 2
Mentors: Ian Kendrick, Lynn LaRochelle Richards
REU Students: Vincent Briselli, Courtney Jackson

Project [ECE]: Human-AI Systems At the Extremes
Professor: Taskin Padir | Research Page
REU Students: Brendan Brassil, Darius Daftarian

Project: RF Energy Harvesting Circuit Design for Neural Implants
Professor: Aatmesh Shrivastava | Research Page
Mentor: Ziyue Xi
REU Students: David Abrahamyan, Saul Blain

2019 Projects

Project: Small Scale Solar Photo-Voltaic Module
Professor: Ali Abur | [email protected]
Mentors: Arthur Mouco, Ahmet Oner, Pengxiang Ren
REU Students: Jennifer Avellaneda Bravo & Zandria Hughes

Project: Phase Changes in Copper Oxide Cathodes for Low-Cost Grid-Scale Batteries
Professor: Joshua Gallaway | [email protected]
REU Student: Shakti Katheria

Project: Visualizing Infrastructure Dynamics
Professor: Michael Kane | [email protected]
Mentors: Kunind Sharma, Krissy Govertsen
REU Students: Jonathan Cohen & Jhonatan Londono

Project: Enhancing Photosynthesis for the Production of Useful Chemicals in Plants
Professor: Carolyn Lee-Parsons | [email protected]
Mentor: Lauren Cole
REU Student: Lily Ha

Project: Smart Solar Energy
Professor: Brad Lehman | [email protected]
Mentors: Xinmin Zhang, Jonathan Kim
REU Students: Norre Emmanuel & Woomy Michel

Project: Energy-informed Robot Autonomy
Professor: Taskin Padir | [email protected]
REU Students: Carlin Reynolds & Jahsiah Sanders

Project: RF Energy Harvesting Circuit
Professor: Aatmesh Shrivastava | [email protected]
Mentors: Ankit Mittal, Nikita Mirchandani
REU Student: Juancy Reyes

2018 Projects

Project: Synchronized Phasors and Big Data in Smart Grid Power System
Professor: Ali Abur | [email protected]
Mentors: Arthur Mouco, Ahmet Oner, Pengxiang Ren
REU Student: Gustaf Njei

Project: Smart Solar Energy
Professors: Mahshid Amirabadi & Bradley Lehman | [email protected] & [email protected]
Mentors: Xinmin Zhang, Jonathan Kim
REU Student: Michaela Harrell

Project: Development and Characterization of An Active Back Brace With Embedded Sensors
Professor: Samuel Felton | [email protected]
REU Student: Katiso Mabulu

Project: A Hybrid Systems Framework for Human-in-the-Loop Control of HVAC Systems
Professor: Michael Kane | [email protected]
Mentor: Kunind Kunind
REU Student: Christian Hardy

Project: Photosynthetic Efficiency for Biomass and Biofuel
Professor: Carolyn Lee-Parsons | [email protected]
Mentor: Lauren Cole
REU Student: Jessica Figueroa

Project: Nanomaterials for Energy
Professor: Marilyn Minus | [email protected]
Mentors: Heng Li, Kenneth Benson, Ying Mu
REU Students: Zandria Hughes & Jahsiah Sanders

Project: Tunable Inductors for Adaptive Power Electronics
Professor: Nian Sun | [email protected]
Mentor: Yifan He
REU Student: Aaron Essex

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