S-POWER @Northeastern University Energy Conference

S-POWER students from Northeastern University and MassBay Community College recently attended the Northeastern University Energy conference. Christopher De Oliveira, an S-POWER student, gave us his perspective on the conference:

“For me, the best part of this Energy conference was the “Future of the Built Environment” panel because not only did the panelists tell the attendees the issues our infrastructure is facing but what they and their respective companies and organizations are doing to make a difference. This was also my favorite panel because it discussed the same topics that my energy systems professor lecture about two days before. This event was also an excellent opportunity to meet and spend time with S-Power students from other schools.”

S-POWER students at the Northeastern University Energy Conference

The Northeastern University Energy Systems Society takes great pride in introducing to you, our 5th Annual Energy Conference scheduled for the 27th of September, 2019. Each year we host an extravagant conference and last year’s edition saw participation from 25 companies, 320 + professionals, students and several other delegates involved in active research within the Energy Industry. https://www.nuenergyconference.com/

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