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Brooke Charter Roslindale – STEM Fiel...

On Friday, March 22 we had our second to last field trip of the academic year. 60 5th graders from the Brooke Charter School in Roslindale came to learn about telecommunications. This field trip was made possible by our partnership with professors Kaushik Chowdhury and Yousof Naderi, both part of the Genesys Lab. Thank you […]

Joyce Kilmer – STEM Field Trip (’18-’...

On Friday, March 15th, 60 middle school students from the Joyce Kilmer Upper School came for a field trip to Northeastern. The students spent the day learning about the environment, and what engineers can do to prevent the pollution of the environment and how water can be cleaned post-pollution. First, the students learned about engineering […]

Tobin K-8 – STEM Field Trip 14 (’18-’...

On Friday, February 15th, 50 5th grade students from the Tobin K-8 school visited Northeastern to learn about Engineering, Science, and Energy. Students started by learning about the Engineering Design Process and different types of engineers, then learned about energy: what it is, what the different types are (mechanical, thermal, kinetic, etc), what the sources […]

Chittick School – STEM Field Trip 13 ...

Chittick School – STEM Field Trip 13 (’18-’19)

This past Friday, February 1st, The Center for STEM Education hosted the Chittick School 5th graders for an engineering field trip. This is the 5th year Tanya Haney has brought her class to visit Northeastern! The 34 students had an exciting morning learning about the Engineering Design Process and how to apply it. They were […]

King K-8 School – STEM Field Trip 11 ...

King K-8 School – STEM Field Trip 11 (’18-’19)

  On January 18th, the Center for STEM Educations hosted 45 seventh grade students from the King K-8 School for the second STEM field trip of 2019! The students began their day with a trip to the earthquake lab to watch a demonstration of the earthquake simulation table and learn the principles behind how earthquake […]

Avon Middle High School – STEM Field ...

Avon Middle High School – STEM Field Trip 10 (’18-’19)

On Friday January 11th, the Center for STEM Education hosted its first STEM Field Trip of the New Year. 55 seventh grade students from Avon Middle High School participated in a full day of activities on the Northeastern campus. We started the day with a lesson on renewable energy, highlighted with the Snap Circuits and […]

Driscoll Science Solstice – Yea...

For the second year, on Friday, December 14th we hosted students for the Driscoll School Science Solstice. The Brookline school’s Science Solstice is “a day when the whole school suspends its regular routine to do science. Our goal is to increase students’ enthusiasm and interest in science and technology as well as in becoming scientists.” […]

BTU School – STEM Field Trip 9 (’18-’...

For our final field trip of this year, 44 students from the Boston Teachers Union (BTU) School came for a field trip on December 7th, 2019 to learn about engineering. The field trip was on the first day of NU finals, so much lower volunteer turn-out: thank you Francheska and Jameson for coming to help! […]

Building Bridges – Fall 2018

On Friday, November 30th was the Fall 2018 edition of our Building Bridges event. This event was our best attended (show up:sign up ratio) event in years! 132 students attended, from 42 schools and 10 states (including a student from California, the furthest state in 4 years). Students selected from 12 different activities, shown below. […]

West Somerville Neighborhood School –...

On November 16th, 2019, 40 4th grade students from the West Somerville Neighborhood School came for a field trip to learn about engineering and the design process. Mike McMahon, the STEM outreach coordinator for ASME, recruited NU ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) students to help run this field trip. Thank you to Mike and […]

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