Student Program Staff

Student Program Staff

The Center for STEM Education is always looking for work study students to help in the office and at field trips. Work study students will help organize events (STEM Field Trips, Building Bridges, Engineering Expo, Science Fair, etc.) we host and if available, help at these events. A variety of other assignments/tasks are possible, such as website updates, help with writing proposals, clean-up/reset activities from field trips, designing new activities, etc.
If you are interested and available, please apply here:

Fall 2020 Work Studies

Kelly Ma : Student Program Staff

Kelly Ma

Student Program Staff

Kelly is a Computer Science student (2023) at Northeastern University who was originally admitted as a Mechanical Engineering major. She's been interested in STEM throughout her education and volunteered at her highschool's MakerSpace. At Northeastern she's involved in the First Gen Low Income Student Union and other cultural clubs. Outside of school, she enjoys painting, nail art, and cooking.

Sena Szczepaniuk : Student Program Staff

Sena Szczepaniuk

Student Program Staff

Sena is a Biology major (2023) on the Pre-Medical track at Northeastern. Throughout high school biology became Sena's passion and her introduction to biotechnology in high school helped shape her career path at Northeastern. She has always had a passion for STEM subjects as well as working with younger students. Sena was a reading mentor to elementary students and she tutored younger high school students in chemistry and math. At Northeastern, Sena is a member of Global Medical Brigades, Marine Biology club, and Francophone club. Outside of school, Sena enjoys fishing, hiking, and volunteering.

Karen Zhu : Student Program Staff

Karen Zhu

Student Program Staff

Karen Zhu was originally a Mechanical Engineering major but made a switch her second year to a Computer Science major (2023). Ever since high school, she was passionate about volunteering and STEM. In college, she joined STEMout, a STEM outreach organization, that allowed her to teach younger students STEM-related activities. Outside of school, Karen enjoys making Spotify playlists and playing games.

Tyree Thompson : Student Program Staff

Tyree Thompson

Student Program Staff

Tyree is a Bioengineering student (2021) concentrating on Cell and Tissue Engineering here at Northeastern University. She is a member of the S-POWER cohort, having transferred from Clark Atlanta University. Tyree has a passion for STEM related topics as well as youth outreach.  Programs such as The National Student Leadership Conference - Biotechnology are how she solidified her major. While in Atlanta she tutored middle school students in math, science and English.  Tyree completed a summer research program at UCLA focusing on colon cancer research through their Biochemistry and Chemistry with Dr. Albert Courey.

While attending Northeastern University, she has had the privilege of assisting Dr. Eno Ebong with research on atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease, the narrowing of the arteries caused by a buildup of plaque leading to heart attacks, strokes and peripheral vascular disease. In the spring of 2020 Tyree had the opportunity to complete a co- op as a research assistant under Dr. Rebecca Carrier focusing on drug delivery methods. Tyree is excited to share her wealth of knowledge and experience in the area of STEM in hopes that other students will find their passion in this area as well.

Hadeel Farhan : Student Program Staff

Hadeel Farhan

Student Program Staff

Hadeel is a Computer Science major (2023) at Northeastern University. She has always been passionate about STEM, enjoyed her physics, math, and computer science classes at school as well as being involved in STEM clubs. During high school, she coached a robotics team and organized a science fair for the younger students. At Northeastern she is involved in cultural clubs and the Mural Club. Her hobbies include painting, reading, and programming.


Salima Amiji : Student Program Staff

Salima Amiji

Student Program Staff

Salima is a Pharmacy major (2025) at Northeastern University. She became involved with the Center for STEM following her participation in the Young Scholars Program, a six-week high school research program. During the program, Salima worked in Professor Ambika Bajpayee‘s lab, focusing on drug delivery to avascular tissue. During high school, Salima performed research regarding drug delivery for the science fair where she was fortunate to move onto regional and state levels. Salima coordinated the Young Scholars Program in both the Summer of 2019 and 2020. She is currently co-coordinating the Pathways to Science and Engineering Program in Fall 2020. Outside of school, Salima‘s hobbies include running, volunteering in her local community, and traveling to various countries.

Natasha Zaarour : Student Program Staff

Natasha Zaarour

Student Program Staff

Natasha is a Biology student (2023) on a Pre-Medical track. Biology has always been her favorite subject because of the opportunity it provides to understand the meaning of life. She found a passion for STEM while participating in her high school's science fair and math team. Natasha tutored middle school students in areas such as science and mathematics, and loves working with kids. At the Center for STEM Education, she will be helping with office work and assisting in weekly field trips. Outside of the classroom, Natasha enjoys volunteering, swimming, and traveling.

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