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Awareness and Localization of Explosives-Related Threats (ALERT) Center

  • alertALERT is a multi-university Department of Homeland Security Center of Excellence (COE). The center seeks to conduct transformational research, technology and educational development for effective characterization, detection, mitigation and response to the explosives-related threats facing the country and the world.


Bernard M. Gordon Center for Subsurface Sensing and Imaging Systems (CenSSIS)

  • censsisCenSSIS seeks to revolutionize our ability to detect and image biomedical and environmental-civil objects or conditions that are underground, underwater, or embedded within cells or inside the human body.


Center for High-rate Nanomanufacturing (CHN)

  • CHNCHN is focused on developing tools and processes that will enable high-rate/high-volume bottom-up, precise, parallel assembly of nanoelements (such as carbon nanotubes, nanoparticles, etc.) and polymer nanostructures.


Center for Ultra-wide-area Resilient Electric Energy Transmission Network (CURENT)

  • curentThe Center for Ultra-wide-area Resilient Electric Energy Transmission Networks is a multi-university National Science Foundation Engineering Research Center, jointly supported by NSF and the Department of Energy. Its mission is to build a more reliable, secure and efficient electric grid transmission system that uses renewable energy sources.


Integrative Graduate and Research Traineeship (IGERT)

  • igertIGERT Nanomedicine Science and Technology is a new integrated doctoral education program in the emerging field of Nanomedicine, created with support from the National Cancer Institute and the National Science Foundation.


Marine Science Center (MSC)

  • marinesciencecenterThe MSC is the marine research and educational facility of Northeastern University. Offering a pristine New England rocky shore habitat in close proximity to Boston, the MSC is a globally recognized center of marine science research and education. The Marine Science Center is part of the Department of Marine and Environmental Sciences.

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