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393/1-3/31Women in STEMWomenHereHereVarious! See newsletterHadeel Farhan, Priya Somanchi
382/20-2/26National Engineers Week,
Black History Month
EngineeringHereHereVarious! See newsletterHadeel Farhan, Priya Somanchi
3711/29-1/3EngineeringComputer EngineeringHereHereDana Brooks, NU-TRONTyree Thompson
3604/19-04/19Physical GeographyGeographyHereHereOffice of Sustainability, Assistant Professor Hongli (Julie) Zhu, Husky Environmental Action TeamHadeel Farhan, Sena Szczepaniuk, Kelly Ma
3504/12-04/19Human GeographyGeographyHereHereCollege of Social Science and Humanities, Japanese Cultural Club, Latin American Student OrganizationHadeel Farhan, Sena Szczepaniuk
3404/04-04/12ScienceSports ScienceHereHereDr. Christen Chiesa, NU Men's Club LacrosseHadeel Farhan, Sena Szczepaniuk
333/29-04/05Science, Engineering, BiologyCOVID-19HereHereGlobal Public Health BrigadesHadeel Farhan, Kelly Ma, Sena Szczepaniuk, Tyree Tompson
323/22-3/29STEAMSTEAMHereHereKhoury College of Computer Science, College of Arts, Media, and Design (CAMD), Northeastern University Animation Club, Northeastern Virtual Reality (NUVR)Hadeel Farhan, Kelly Ma, Sena Szczepaniuk
313/15-3/22TransportationMBTAHereHereNortheastern's Environmental Sensor's Lab, NUITEHadeel Farhan, Kelly Ma, Sena Szczepaniuk, Tyree Tompson
303/08-3/15Technology5GHereHereCOE, Northeastern SMART Center, Matteo Rinaldi, IEEEHadeel Farhan, Kelly Ma
292/22-3/01Technology5GHereHereCOE, Edmund Yeh, Tommaso Melodia, NEU Wireless ClubHadeel Farhan, Kelly Ma
282/15-2/22EngineeringCivil EngineeringHereHereN/AHadeel Farhan
2712/14-12/31VariousWinter HolidayHereHereN/AHadeel Farhan, Kelly Ma, Sena Szczepaniuk, Karen Zhu
2612/07 - 12/14EngineeringMechanical EngineeringHereHereCOE, Marilyn Minus, Andrew GouldstoneHadeel Farhan
2511/30 - 12/07EngineeringArchitecture HereHereCAMD
2411/23 - 11/30EngineeringGrand ChallengesHereHereAli Abur, Brad Lehman, IGHHadeel Farhan, Kelly Ma, Sena Szczepaniuk, Tyree Thompson, Karen Zhu
2311/16 - 11/23EngineeringCareersHereHereEmployer Engagement and Career Design Office, James Benneyan, Guohao DaiHadeel Farhan, Kelly Ma, Sena Szczepaniuk, Karen Zhu
2211/6-11/13FunletterAerospace, Mechanical EngineeringHereHere & Here-Hadeel Farhan
2110/16-10/23EngineeringAI & RoboticsHereHereRoux InstituteHadeel Farhan
Gen. IntroHereHereIris BerentHadeel Farhan
199/11-9/18FunletterIndustrial EngineeringHereHere-Hadeel Farhan
Astronomy & Space Exploration
Gen. IntroHereHereAlireza RamezaniHadeel Farhan
178/28-9/4Anatomy & PhysiologyGen IntroHereHereEugene Bernstein
168/21-8/28General ChemistryGen. IntroHereHereMichael Pollastri
158/14-8/21Information TechnologyGen. IntroHereHereNU ITSHadeel Farhan
148/7-8/14FunletterPharmacyHereHere-Sakura Gandolfo
137/17-7/24MathematicsGen IntroHereHereValerio Toledano Laredo
127/10-7/17FunletterECEHereHere-Hadeel Farhan
117/3-7/10Science, EnvironmentalGen. IntroHereHereMatteo RinaldiColin Bergmann
105/22-5/29Engineering, BioGen. IntroHereHereSandra ShefelbineNathalie Leger
95/15-5/22Engineering, ManagementSupply ChainsHereHereOzlem ErgunNicolas Fuchs
Colin Bergmann
85/8-5/15Engineering, IndustrialGen. IntroHereHereXiaoning JinColin Bergmann
Chris De Oliveira
75/1-5/8Engineering, TransportationGen. IntroHereHereDaniel Dulaski
64/24-5/1Engineering, ECECodingHereHereKhoury CollegeNicolas Fuchs
54/17-4/24Engineering, EnvironmentalNatureHereHereNU MSC, Hanu SinghColin Bergmann
44/10-4/17Engineering, CivilStructuresHereHereConcrete CanoeColin Bergmann
Chris De Oliveira
34/3-4/10Types of ScienceTypesHereHereColleges @ NUColin Bergmann
23/27-4/3Types of EngineeringTypesHereHereFYELCNicolas Fuchs
13/20-3/27Engineering, Design ProcessGen. IntroHereHereInterim Dean IsaacsNicolas Fuchs

Resource Post Index

#DaysHighlighted Resource+Link
3604/19 - 04/26 Steve Spangler Science
3604/19 - 04/26 NASA - Earth Day 2021 ToolKit
3504/12 - 04/19 Engineering for Change
3504/12 - 04/19 Legends of Learning
3404/05 - 04/12 HowStuffWorks
3404/05 - 04/12
3303/29 - 04/05 MathCounts
3303/29 - 04/05 Extreme Science
3203/22 - 3/27 Our Virtual Makerspace
3203/22 - 3/27 - Design+Imagination in STEM
3103/15 - 3/22 STEMfinity - Free STEM Resources
3103/15 - 3/22 Chemical Engineering - Teaching Modules
3003/08 - 3/15 Edutopia
3003/08 - 3/15 Khan Academy
2902/22 - 03/01 PBS LearningMedia
2902/22 - 03/01IRobot Education
2802/15 - 12/22How To Smile
2802/15 - 12/22EGFI: Engineering Go For It
2612/07 - 12/14STEMconnector
2612/07 - 12/14Robotics Alliance Project
2511/30 - 12/07Rosie Research
2511/30 - 12/07ABCya
2411/23 - 11/30Pitsco's STEM at Home
2411/23 - 11/30BrainPOP
2311/16 - 11/23STEM Games for Kids
2311/16 - 11/23Ella the Engineer
2110/16-10/23Learning in Places
2110/16-10/23Math for Love
2010/9-10/16Pathways to Science and Engineering
199/18-9/25Boston Water and Sewer - Educational Outreach
199/18-9/25NGSS Phenomena
189/4-9/11nsta Daily Do
189/4-9/11ITEEA At-Home Resources
168/21-8/28I am a scientist
168/21-8/28Science Game Center
168/21-8/28Go Science Girls
158/14-8/21NSTA - Finding High Quality Science Materials
158/14-8/21NSTA NextGenNavigator
158/14-8/21NSTA - Upcoming Events
148/7-8/14Science Matters
137/17Boston Neighborhood Network Media
127/10PBS Summer Learning Collection
117/3-7/9BPS' Summer Stuff
105/22-5/29Science Experiments
95/18Homework Help
85/8-5/15Engineering Toolbox
85/8-5/15SPLASH Rainstorm
85/11Mass Audubon
85/11Shelf Stuff
75/4Digital Promise
75/4Introduce a Girl to ENG
64/24-5/14 Awesome Discoveries..
64/27Science News for Students
64/27BoSTEM's list of Conversations
54/17-4/24Concord Consortium
54/22NASA Earth Day
54/22BPS Earth Day
54/22Howtosmile Earth Day
44/10-4/17Generation Genius
44/10-4/17Dyson's Challenges
44/13NOAA for Kids
34/3-4/10Flinn Science
34/3-4/10NIHF at Home
34/3-4/10Science with Sophie
34/6Science Buddies
34/6Amazing Educational Resources
13/20-3/27PBS Learning Media
13/20-3/27America's Test Kitchen

Field Trip Index

21-222022, 4.8Tucker Elementary SchoolPaper Towers, Reverse Egg DropHere
21-222022, 3.29St. AgathaPaper Towers, Wind TurbinesHere
21-222022, 3.22Chittick ElementaryWITT, Paper Towers, BackpackHere
21-222022, 3.16Edison K-8Paper TowersHere
21-222022, 2.11Phineas Bates ElementaryWITT, Paper Towers, Backpack, STEM 101Here
21-222021, 11.19Guild Elementary SchoolPaper Towers, Paper RocketsNone, sorry!
21-222021, 11.5Higginson-Lewis K-8Egg Drop, Paper RocketsHere
21-222021, 10.22Holmes Innovation SchoolNatural DisastersHere
21-222021, 10.15Mission Grammar SchoolPaper Towers, Egg Drop, STEM 101Here
21-222021, 10.1Grew Elementary SchoolCatapults, Paper Rockets, STEM 101Here
21-222021, 9.25Ron Burton Training VillageWaterworks MuseumHere
20-212021, 4.29Boyden Elementary SchoolIntro to EngineeringHere
20-212021, 4.16Driscoll Middle SchoolNatural DisastersHere
20-212021, 4.14Phineas Bates ElementaryEngineering Design ProcessHere
20-212021, 4.1Peaslee ElementaryEngineering Design ProcessHere
20-212021, 3.17Charles SumnerNatural DisastersHere
20-212021, 3.12McCormack MSEngineering Design ProcessHere
20-212021, 3.9Joyce KilmerEngineering Design ProcessHere
20-212021, 2.26Murphy K-8Engineering Design ProcessHere
20-212021, 2.25Dearborn STEM AcademyCollege/STEM 101Here
20-212021, 2.24Tobin K-8Engineering Design ProcessHere
20-212021, 2.23Mendell ElementaryEngineering Design ProcessHere
20-212021, 2.3Edison K-8Engineering Design ProcessHere
20-212020, 12.17Grew ElementaryEngineering Design ProcessHere
20-212020, 12.15Donald McKayEngineering Design ProcessHere
20-212020, 11.12Mary Lyon K-8Engineering Design ProcessHere
20-212020, 10.29Dever ElementaryNatural DisastersHere
20-212020, 10.22Mission GrammarEngineering Design ProcessHere
20-212020, 10.3Ron Burton Training VillageGreen EngineeringHere
19-202020, 2.14JFK ElementaryNatural DisastersHere
19-202020, 2.7OLoPHMGSWho Polluted/Filters/Oil SpillHere
19-202020, 1.31Phineas Bates ElementaryEgg Drop, EQLHere
19-202020, 1.24Grew ElementaryFirstByte, Morse CodeHere
19-202020, 1.17Joseph Lee ElementaryPaper Airplanes, Paper RocketsHere
19-202019, 11.15Edison K-8Catapults, Egg DropHere
19-202019, 11.8Mendell ElementarySnap/Solar/WindHere
19-202019, 11.1Chittick ElementaryWho Polluted/Filters, OverfishingHere
19-202019, 10.25Mason PilotSnap/Solar/WindHere
19-202019, 10.18St. Agatha CatholicCatapults, EQLHere
19-202019, 10.11Murphy K-8Who Polluted/Filters, OverfishingHere
19-202019, 10.4Dever ElementaryCatapults, Egg DropHere
19-202019, 9.20Mary Lyon K-8Natural DisastersHere
19-202019, 9.13Longsjo MiddleNatural Disasters, EQLHere
18-192019, 5.28JFK ElementaryNatural DisastersHere
18-192019, 4.9Xaverian Brothers HighSnap, Overfishing, EQLHere
18-192019, 3.22Brooke Roslindale CharterTelecommunications, ChowdhuryHere
18-192019, 3.15Joyce Kilmer UpperWho Polluted/FiltersHere
18-192019, 2.15Tobin K-8Snap/Solar/WindHere
18-192019, 2.1Chittick ElementaryCatapults, Egg DropHere
18-192019, 1.25Saint Columbkille CatholicWho Polluted/Filters, OverfishingHere
18-192019, 1.18King K-8EQL, Reverse Egg DropHere
18-192019, 1.11Avon Middle HighSnap/Solar, CatapultsHere
18-192018, 12.14Driscoll Science SolsticeLab ToursHere
18-192018, 12.7Boston Teachers' UnionReverse Egg Drop, CatapultsHere
18-192018, 11.16West Somerville NeighborhoodReverse Egg Drop, CatapultsHere
18-192018, 11.9Boyden ElementaryReverse Egg Drop, CatapultsHere
18-192018, 11.2Phineas Bates ElementaryReverse Egg Drop, CatapultsHere
18-192018, 10.26Mendell ElementarySnap/Solar/WindHere
18-192018, 10.19Edison K-8Snap/Solar/WindHere
18-192018, 9.28Mason Pilot ElementaryWho Polluted/Filters, OverfishingHere
18-192018, 9.24Rysensteen GymnasiumFYELC, EQLHere
18-192018, 9.21Mary Lyon K-8Who Polluted/FiltersHere
18-192018, 9.14Linden STEAM AcademyPaper Rockets, CatapultsHere
17-182018, 3.23King K-8Snap/Solar/WindHere
17-182018, 3.16Curley K-8EQL, Reverse Egg DropHere
17-182018, 2.16John D. O’BryantEQL, College 101Here
17-182018, 2.9Blackstone InnovationReverse Egg Drop, Paper RocketsHere
17-182018, 2.2Phineas Bates ElementaryCatapults, EQLHere
17-182018, 1.26Mary Lyon K-8Solar, EQLHere
17-182018, 1.19Chittick ElementaryWho Polluted/Filters, OverfishingHere
17-182018, 1.12Mendell ElementaryWho Polluted/Filters/Oil SpillHere
17-182017, 12.15JP Homeschool GroupEgg Drop, Paper RocketsHere
17-182017, 12.8Grew ElementaryEgg Drop, Paper RocketsHere
17-182017, 11.17New Mission HighEgg Drop, Paper RocketsHere
17-182017, 11.7Murphy K-8 (Reverse)Reverse Egg DropHere
17-182017, 10.27J.P. Manning ElementaryPaper Rockets, Reverse Egg DropHere
17-182017, 10.20Brooke Roslindale CharterTelecommunications, ChowdhuryHere
17-182017, 10.13Donald McKaySnap/Solar/WindHere
17-182017, 10.6Edison K-8Catapults, College 101Here
17-182017, 9.29Samuel Adams Elementary Paper Rockets, Egg DropHere
17-182017, 9.22Linden STEAM AcademyCatapults, Paper RocketsHere
16-172017, 4.7Dearborn STEM AcademyPaper Rockets, Egg DropHere
16-172017, 3.21Philbrick ElementaryPaper Circuits, Wind TurbinesHere
16-172017, 3.17Columbus ElementaryWho Polluted/Filters/Oil SpillHere
16-172017, 2.14Bentley Academy CharterSolar, EQLHere
16-172017, 2.3J.P. Manning ElementaryCatapults, Egg DropHere
16-172017, 1.20Lawrence Family Development CharterWho Polluted, FiltersHere
16-172017, 1.17King K-8Catapults, Reverse Egg DropHere
16-172017, 1.13Avon Middle HighSnap/Solar/WindHere
16-172016, 12.2Brooke Roslindale CharterTelecommunications, ChowdhuryHere
16-172016, 11.18Murphy K-8Catapults, Paper RocketsHere
16-172016, 11.4Dudley StreetEgg Drop, EQLHere
16-172016, 10.28Lee K-8Snap/Solar/WindHere
16-172016, 10.7King K-8Paper Rockets, EQLHere
16-172016, 9.30Longsjo MiddleSnap/Solar, Paper CircuitsHere
16-172016, 9.23Perry K-8Who Polluted, FiltersHere
15-162016, 5.31Greater Egleston HighPaper Rockets, College 101Here
15-162016, 4.8Marie PhilipCatapults, Egg DropHere
15-162016, 4.1Dorchester Collegiate AcademyWho Polluted/Filters/Oil SpillHere
15-162016, 3.18Gardner Pilot AcademyCatapults, Protect the PillHere
15-162016, 2.26Saint Columbkille &
South Boston Catholic
Catapults, Snap CircuitsHere
15-162016, 2.12Kilmer K-8Who Polluted/Filters/Oil SpillHere
15-162016, 1.29Mather ElementaryEgg Drop, CatapultsHere
15-162016, 1.15Global Learning Charter PublicCatapultsHere
15-162015, 11.20John Winthrop ElementaryEgg Drop, CatapultsHere
15-162015, 11.6Murphy K-8Paper Rockets, Egg DropHere
15-162015, 10.30Brooke Roslindale CharterTelecommunications, ChowdhuryHere
15-162015, 10.16Donald McKaySnap/Solar/WindHere
15-162015, 10.2Tobin K-8Paper Towers, EQLHere
15-162015, 9.25Bishop Hendricken HighPaper Rockets, Egg DropHere

Academic Year Programs’ Index

21-222022, 4/29Building BridgesProgram RecapTBD
21-222022, 4/9Expo,
Engineering for Everyone
Program RecapHere
21-222021, 12/3Building BridgesProgram RecapHere
20-212021, 2/25-4/1Genetics Afterschool ProgramProgram RecapHere
20-212021, 1/28-3/25STEM Afterschool ProgramProgram RecapHere
20-212021, 1/26-2/23Pathways to Science and EngineeringProgram Recap
20-212020, 10/6-11/24Pathways to Science and EngineeringProgram RecapHere
20-212020, 10/6-11/24Alumni Afterschool ProgramPutting the A in STEMHere
20-212020, 12/1CallbackDNA ExtractionHere
19-202020, 2/29Expo,
BPS Science/Eng Fair
Program RecapHere
19-202020, 2/21Expo,
Engineering for Everyone
Program RecapHere
19-202020, 2/18-2/21Engineering ExplorationsProgram RecapHere
19-202019, 12/11Building BridgesProgram RecapHere
19-202019, 10/16CallbackNUCLEUS +
May's Journey
18-192018, 12/12Building BridgesProgram RecapHere
18-192018, 11/3CallbackEWH ExperimentsHere
17-182018, 2/26Expo,
Engineering for Everyone
Program RecapHere
17-182018, 2/24Expo,
BPS Science/Eng Fair
Program RecapHere
17-182018, 2/20-2/23Engineering ExplorationsProgram RecapHere
17-182017, 11/10CallbackNUSAACS/AIChE
16-172016, 12/9Building BridgesProgram RecapHere
16-172016, 10/28CallbackNatural DisastersHere
15-162016, 4/15Building BridgesProgram RecapHere
15-162015, 12/4Building BridgesProgram RecapHere
15-162015, 11/21CallbackAIChE - Science FairHere

Summer Programs’ Index

19-202020YSPProgram IntroHere
18-192019YSPFinal ProjectsHere
18-192019, 7/15-7/18YSPRecap,
Week 4
18-192019, 7/8-7/11YSPRecap,
Week 3
18-192019, 7/11YSPField Trip,
Wind Farm
18-192019, 7/1-7/4YSPRecap,
Week 2
18-192019, 6/24-6/27YSPRecap,
Week 1
18-192019, 6/24YSPProgram StartHere
17-182018, 7/26YSPField Trip,
Block Island
17-182018, 7/12YSPField Trip,
17-182018, 7/9-7/12YSPRecap,
Week 3
18-192019REUFinal ProjectsHere
18-192019, 7/11REUField Trip,
Wind Farm
18-192019, 5/28-5/31REURecap,
Week 1
17-182018REUFinal ProjectsHere

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