Building Bridges

Building Bridges

The next Building Bridges session is scheduled for Friday, December 3rd, 2021.

Directions to Campus | Meeting at CSC Ballroom at 8:45. See “Confirmation” email.

To participate in this program, there are three steps:
1. Registration is closed. If you’ve already signed up, please complete steps 2-3 below. If you haven’t heard from us yet, please email Nicolas Fuchs.
2. Parent/guardians complete a Consent to Participate / Release of Liability form prior to attending this event (due 11/23). Please complete this form and send to Mary Howley.
3. Adhere to COVID-19 Protocols (see below)

Due to new COVID requirements for the University, all external visitors are required to present one of the following forms of documentation:

  • Proof of Vaccination:
    • Either the original vaccination card or printed or digital documentation providing proof of being fully immunized
    • For those 18 and over, you must also provide a matching photo ID
  • Negative COVID-19 Test:
    • Either a printed or digital PDF of a negative COVID-19 test result within 72 hours prior to the guest’s campus arrival
    • A negative PCR/molecular test or a negative rapid/antigen test administered by a healthcare professional that includes their name and the date of the test as proof. Self-administered at-home rapid/antigen tests will not be accepted.

About the Building Bridges Program:

  • Annual event to provide high school students with the opportunity to explore Northeastern University’s College of Engineering
  • Full day of interactive engineering activities to help students understand the various engineering disciplines, led by College of Engineering faculty and students from each of the engineering departments
  • Introduction to research programs and initiatives at Northeastern
  • Overview of potential career paths and higher education options
  • Networking opportunities to meet and talk with current university students and faculty members

Additional Information:

  • Sign-ups for individual sessions will be sent via email once event registration is confirmed.
  • Past activities and their descriptions can be found in these blogposts.
  • Event runs from 9:00am to 2:00pm
  • Registration fee is $20 per person, no refunds
  • Lunch is included with registration
  • Opportunities for parents and families to explore the campus and City of Boston during the day while students are participating in the program

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