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Phineas Bates – STEM Field Trip...

Today we had our third field trip of the semester, and this time the fourth grade (36 students) from the Phineas Bates Elementary School came. This is their 3rd year in a row (last year and year before) coming to campus, and it was great to have them back! The students learned about engineering (problem […]

Grew Elementary – STEM Field Tr...

26 fourth grade students from Grew Elementary School in Hyde Park visited Northeastern. A Northeastern student group, FirstByte, taught the students binary communications via a Find the Mountain Climber activity. The students then asked our volunteers questions during the College 101 panel. They enjoyed learning about the different majors and were all interested in what […]

Joseph Lee – STEM Field Trip (1...

On Friday, January 17th we had our first STEM Field Trip of the Spring 2020 semester. 45 fifth grade students from the Joseph Lee Elementary School came to learn about Aerospace Engineering. This field trip was done in cooperation with the Northeastern student organization Aerospace NU, who helped throughout the day. The day started with […]

Building Bridges – Fall 2019

On Friday, December 6th, was the Fall 2019 edition of our Building Bridges event. 138 students from 66 different schools in 11 states signed up to participate, to learn all about engineering. Students picked from 17 different professor-led sessions, with each topic including some sort of presentation and/or hands-on activity. The day started with a […]

Fall Callback 2019

On Saturday, October 16th we had this semester’s rendition of the Summer Program Callback. We started the day with a team-building exercise (which I borrowed from a prior YSP Orientation activity): cutting an index card to form one continuous loop that you can fit around your waist. The actual solution (that I knew about) can […]

Edison – STEM Field Trip (11.15...

On Friday, November 15th, two classes (~30 students) from the Edison K-8 School came for our last STEM Field Trip of the semester. The visiting students were fifth graders; many of whom had come to last year’s field trip, where they learned about circuits and energy. For this year’s field trip, the students focused on […]

Mendell – STEM Field Trip (11.8...

Today, 40 fourth grade students from the Mendell Elementary School came for a field trip to Northeastern. Northeastern University and the Mendell have worked together for many years, both with visits to Northeastern for STEM field trips, but also through the Excellence for All Robotics Program: from 2016-2019, student volunteers from Northeastern came to the […]

Chittick – STEM Field Trip (11....

Mason – STEM Field Trip (10.25....

As part of Mass STEM Week, we had another STEM field trip today; 29 fourth grade students from the Mason Pilot School! Today, students learned all about energy: different types of energy (electrical, kinetic, etc), different sources of energy (both renewable and not), and how electrical energy actually gets to our houses. Students built their […]

St. Agatha – STEM Field Trip (10.18.1...

On Friday, October 18th, in partnership with professor Eno Ebong, 35 x 7th and 8th grade students from St. Agatha Catholic School came to Northeastern University for a STEM field trip, learning all about the Engineering Design Process (EDP). Students learned the steps in the EDP and why engineers use it and that engineering is […]

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