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Last Call – Building Bridges

Hi Everyone, A quick reminder that applications for our last event of the academic school year is coming to a close! April 29th: Building Bridges [Applications close 4/21] – for high school students to learn more about engineering – attend seminars hosted by Northeastern faculty and meet with Northeastern engineering undergraduate and graduate students.

Building Bridges – Fall 2022 &#...

To All Interested High School Students, On Friday, April 29th, 2022, Northeastern University will once again sponsor Building Bridges, a day dedicated to students considering a career in engineering. This event will be in-person and at Northeastern, so all students will be required to follow all testing/COVID protocols. Building Bridges provides an opportunity for you […]

Tucker Elementary – STEM Field Trip (...

On Friday, April 8th we had our penultimate field trip of the academic school year, wherein we went to visit the fourth graders at the Tucker Elementary School in Milton. Thank you Professor Eno Ebong for sponsoring this field trip, and PhD students Chinedu and Nicholas from her lab for helping out (and Hadeel and […]

Robotics Afterschool Program – ...

Robotics Afterschool Program – Spring 2022 PLEASE NOTE: Unfortunately, this program is postponed indefinitely, sorry! As such, we will not be able to run this program in Spring 2022. We will be post another update if/when the program is running again. This spring, Khoury PhD Student David Klee and Professor Robert Platt, in partnership with […]

St. Agatha School – STEM Field Trip (...

On Tuesday, March 29th we visited the St. Agatha School in Milton, visiting two 6th grade classes. In one room was Teddi (who ran our affiliated Genetics Afterschool Program last year) and myself, whilst in the other room were our two work studies Gabby and Zandria. Today’s topic was engineering and the design process. During […]

Chittick School – STEM Field Trip (3....

Yesterday, on March 22nd, the fifth graders (40 students) from the Chittick Elementary School had a virtual STEM field trip with us, with their teachers Tanya Haney and Courtney Brady. This is the 7th year the Chittick has come since 2012 -> always a joy to have y’all here! Thank you to NU students Zandria, […]

Cool Women, Hot Careers (pre-registra...

Are you in high school? Do you love math and science? Come explore the field of engineering with Northeastern University women engineers! On Saturday, April 23rd from 10am – 3pm -> Northeastern’s student chapter of SWE – the Society of Women Engineers – is hosting this cool event – consider attending! Reserve your spot by […]

Saving the Planet is STEM (STEM Conne...

Saving the Planet is STEM (STEM Connector)

Great resource from the STEM Connector Saving the Planet is STEM   “The future of our planet is in the hands of the STEM workforce. For saving lives and saving ecosystems. For feeding the world and addressing climate change. And yet, the shortage of STEM talent needed to address these issues is profound. How will […]

March 26th – SPLASH for High Sc...

March 26th – SPLASH for High School students – free workshops at Northeastern University

Splash offers the opportunity for high school students to take fun and informative workshops offered by undergraduates. Check out our catalog to browse the classes offered! Pre-Registration required Register at:

Edison K-8 – STEM Field Trip (3.16.20...

Today we had another virtual field trip with the third and fourth grade classes at Edison K-8 School. For this 1 hour field trip, which had 100 students in five classes, we talked about engineering and solving problems – with a focus on civil engineering. NU students Gabby (Civil Engineering) and Zandria (Industrial Engineering) came […]

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