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nuSTEM Newsletter 29 – What is ...

Welcome to Newsletter 29! >>Click Here for this week’s Newsletter<< In our newsletter you will be introduced to a STEM topic and find a related-activity to work on during the week (please share your results with us!), as well as extensions to additional learning or games related to the field. In addition, you will find […]

Murphy K-8 – STEM Field Trip (0...

Today was our Last field trip of National Engineers Week (but not the last of the year: we still have ~10 field trips left this year. Today, 70 fifth grade students from the Murphy K-8 school came for an engineering design process workshop / field trip, wherein they learned about engineering, thinking like a mechanical […]

Dearborn STEM – STEM Field Trip...

Today was the third field trip of National Engineer’s Week! We typically only run field trips (especially virtual ones) for upper elementary and middle school students, but today we had 9th and 10th graders from the Dearborn STEM Academy. The theme of today’s field trip was “Engineering in College.” First, attending students had a STEM/College […]

Tobin K-8 – STEM Field Trip (02...

Today was our second field trip of National Engineer’s Week! 75 x 4th/5th graders from the Tobin K-8 School came to learn about Engineering and the Design Process! Today’s field trip was led by NU students (and Center for STEM Education work studies) Tyree and Hadeel, with additional assistance by NU students Karen and Samantha. […]

Mendell Elementary – STEM Field...

Today was our first field trip (of four) of National Engineer’s Week! The Mendell Elementary School, which we’ve partnered with in the past for the Excellence for All’s robotics program (and Nick did his student teaching practicum there), came for a virtual visit – their whole fourth grade (44 students) was in attendance! Sam and […]

nuSTEM Newsletter 28 – Civil En...

nuSTEM Newsletter 28 – Civil Engingeering Funletter

Welcome to Newsletter 28! >>Click Here for this week’s Newsletter<< In this week’s funletter, you’ll be introduced to Civil Engineering and solve some cool activities (which you should share your results with us!). To learn more about Civil Engineering, check out one of our older newsletter: Civil Engineering Newsletter . Resource Highlight The Bridge Designer […]

Science Fair Resources

Welcome to the Science Fair Blog Post! The science fair is an incredible opportunity to learn more about a topic and apply the scientific method to a project. We have compiled a list of resources that will help you make a successful Science Fair project! Science Buddies. Science Buddies is a website that contains many […]

Edison K-8 – STEM Field Trip (0...

On Wednesday, February 3rd we had a STEM Field Trip with the Edison K-8 (Elementary School) where we discussed the Engineering Design Process and applied it to a Civil Engineering Project – Paper Towers. We began by talking about what Engineering is and went over the 5 steps of the Design Process: Ask, Imagine, Plan, […]

Pathways to Science and Engineering &...

From Tuesday, January 26th to Tuesday, February 23rd, the Center for STEM Education launched the first half of its second Pathways to Science and Engineering session. This program is geared towards high school students interested in pursuing careers in STEM. Graduate students, faculty members, and alumnae across various disciplines present their current research or topics […]

Roxbury Robotics

Roxbury Robotics

Our partner organization, Roxbury Robotics, a Northeastern CoE student organization dedicated to community outreach, is running a variety of (free) STEM workshops this spring that we encourage all students, ages 7-15, to participate in (Boston and neighboring communities have priority)! They will be running 9 different workshops, each running for 8 weeks, starting the week […]

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