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Dever Elementary – STEM Field T...

Last Friday (10.6) marked our second field trip of the 2023-2024 academic year! 50 students from Dever Elementary School in Boston came to Northeastern to participate in STEM activities. The day started with a presentation on the Engineering Design Process and the fundamentals of bioengineering. The first activity the students completed was a reverse egg […]

UP Academy’s Spark: A Day of ST...

On Friday, October 20th, Center for STEM Education staff participated in UP Academy Dorchester’s inaugural Spark: A Day of STEM Exploration! Over 600 middle schoolers from the Boston area came to UP Academy to join in hands-on activities to help them engage with and think about STEM concepts. We brought paper rockets as our activity! […]

EXP Grand Opening (10.16.2023)

On Monday, October 16th, the Center for STEM Education was able to participate in the grand opening of the new EXP building! After the showcase,  30 high school junior and senior students from the O’Bryant School joined us in one of the EXP classrooms for the a short talk by Associate Dean Richard Harris, followed […]

Massachusetts Teacher STEM Fair (09.3...

On September 30th, staff and volunteers at the Center for STEM Education attended the Massachusetts Teacher STEM Fair at Gillette Stadium. The goal of this event was to “empower, inspire, transform, and unleash the power of STEM education!” We brought the Hexbugs activity and the Paper Rockets activity to provide Massachusetts educators and their families […]

Chittick School – STEM Field Tr...

On Friday, October 13th, we welcomed around twenty-five 5th grade students from the Chittick Elementary School to campus. First, they learnt all about natural disasters and emergency kits. Working in teams, the students were assigned different natural disasters and brainstormed what they wanted in their emergency kits for the home as well as what they […]

Science Fair Resources

Science Fair Resources

Science fairs are an exciting opportunity for students to delve into the world of scientific inquiry. To help you embark on this educational journey, we, on the behalf of Northeastern’s Center for STEM Education, have compiled a list of concise and informative resources that will lead whichever project you pursue to success. If you’re just […]

Edward Everett – STEM Field Tri...

On Friday, September 29th we had our first STEM field tip of the 2023 – 2024 academic school year! On this day, 45 fifth grade students from the Edward Everett School in Dorchester came to learn about engineering (also known as problem solving). First, the students did the reverse egg drop activity! Instead of the […]

Volunteer Training Day – STEM Field T...

Volunteer Training Day – STEM Field Trips (9.22.2023)

Last Friday (9.22) we had our Volunteer Training Day for the Fall 2023 semester. Many volunteers came out to learn what their role would be in any upcoming field trips, got their questions answered on how to get involved, as well as got hands-on experience with some of the events that are held during field […]

2023 Young Scholars Program: Wrap Up

Today concluded the 2023 Young Scholars Program! During the second half of the program, the students worked hard to create their final presentations and posters, while also attending weekly seminars and field trips. Week 4 kicked off with a “GEM Informational Session” from  Richard Harris. During homeroom the following day, Mark Casto led a rocket […]

2023 Young Scholars Program: Week 3

This week marked the halfway point of the 2023 Young Scholars Program! During Week 2, which was abbreviated for the Fourth of July, students attended a presentation from Sara Hashmi (ChemE) on “Squishing Complex Fluids Through Small Spaces,” as well as a session about research learning contracts from Pam Mabrouk (Chemistry/Chemical Biology). On Monday of […]

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