Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU)

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This Summer REU site will provide community college students with a 10-week paid research experience working with professors across the College of Engineering. The program, which is non-residential, will take place on the Boston Northeastern Campus from May 31st to August 4th, 2022. This site is pending final notification of funding from NSF.

REU-POWER “Pathways Opening World Energy Resources”

This Summer REU site will provide rising sophomores, juniors and seniors with a 10-week summer-based experience working with professors from across the College of Engineering, engaged in research on topics pertaining to the National Academy of Engineering (NAE) Grand Energy Challenge, which represents one of the 14 priority Grand Challenges for Engineering in the 21st Century. Topics of research will cover broad ranges of research, including making Solar Energy more Economical to creating Energy from Fusion, and there will be a particular focus on transcending the barriers and overcoming the challenges to providing ample clean energy to citizens throughout the world. 2022 Program Dates: May 31st to August 4th, 2022.

Program Alumni: 2021 | 2019 | 2018


This Summer REU site will … 2022 Program Dates: May 31st to August 4th, 2022.

REU Participants

First NameLast NameCollege (at Time)ProgramYear(s) ParticipatedLinkedIn Profile
LinaAdkinsMassBay C.C.PATHWAYS2022
TylerArnoldBunker Hill C.C. '23PATHWAYS2022
SeartchDelvaNorth Shore C.C.PATHWAYS2022
ThomasFitzgeraldCape Cod C.C.PATHWAYS2022
FrancesPowerMassBay C.C. '22PATHWAYS2022
MatthewSharonMassBay C.C.PATHWAYS2022
XeonBunker Hill C.C.PATHWAYS2022
DonelleFurline Jr.Northeastern Univ. '25POWER2022
StevenHopkinsMassBay C.C. '23POWER2022
MohamedMohamedBunker Hill C.C.POWER2022
EmilinaTranNortheastern Univ. '26POWER2022
DavidAbrahamyanNortheastern Univ. '24POWER2021
SaulBlainNortheastern Univ. '23POWER2021
BrendanBrassilBunker Hill C.C. '21POWER2021
VincentBriselliUMass Boston '23POWER2021
DariusDaftarianElizabeth City State '21POWER2021
BriaFrazierClark Atlanta '23POWER2021
AdrianGibsonUConn '22POWER2021
CourtneyJacksonClark Atlanta '22POWER2021
SemariMasseyMassBay C.C. '21POWER2021LINK
MarinaMireles RiosLoyola Marymount '23POWER2021
JayParkUniv. of S. California '24POWER2021
CallawayPatePenn State '24POWER2021
JenniferAvellaneda BravoUniv. of Arkansas '21POWER2019
JonathanCohenMassBay C.C. '19POWER2019
NorreEmmanuelClark Atlanta '21POWER2019
LilyHaUMD College Park '20POWER2019
ZandriaHughesClark Atlanta '21POWER2019, 2018
ShaktiKatheriaMassBay C.C. '19POWER2019
JhonatanLondonoNorthern Essex C.C. '20POWER2019
WoomyMichelClark Atlanta '22POWER2019
JuancyReyesWesleyan Univ. '22POWER2019
CarlinReynoldsNortheastern Univ. '20POWER2019
JahsiahSandersClark Atlanta '21POWER2019, 2018
AndyDifutNorthern Essex C.C. '19D32019
RaniaHakimiBunker Hill C.C. '20D32019
XinLiBunker Hill C.C. '20D32019
GilbertLiangNortheastern Univ. '22D32019
MiguelOyler-CastrilloMassBay C.C. '19D32019
Aaron EssexHampton Univ. '18POWER2018
JessicaFigueroaNorthern Essex C.C. '18POWER2018
ChristianHardyMassBay C.C. '18POWER2018
Clark Atlanta '21POWER2018
Katiso MabuluHampton Univ. '18POWER2018
GustafNjeiMassBay C.C. '20POWER2018
RyanClearyMassBay C.C. '18D32018
MaryAshleyEtefiaUniv. of Georgia '20D32018
AngericaFitzmauriceNortheastern Univ. '21D32018
HarmitRavalPrinceton Univ. '21D32018
HenrySanterUniv. of Maryland '21D32018
MatthewFerreiraNorthern Essex C.C.D32017
MackenzieJorgensenMassBay C.C.D32017
AlyssiaKazanNortheastern Univ. '21D32017
LynnseyMartinNortheastern Univ. '21D32017
ClaudiaMokdadMassBay C.C.D32017
ChesterMosesMassBay C.C. '17D32017
ChristopherPepiUMass Lowell '20D32017
LansPowell Jr.Northeastern Univ. '21D32017
JonathanSpohnNorthern Essex C.C. '17D32017
JasmineYoungPrinceton Univ. D32017
LanceBarcelonaNortheastern Univ. '20D32016
LeslieChaseRPI '2019D32016
AhmedCheguenniUMass LowellD32016
ExodiaDemostheneMount Holyoke '18D32016
AndreGonzagaUMass Amherst '16D32016
MatthewGreenlawNortheastern Univ. '20D32016
SravaniKorupoluNortheastern Univ. '19D32016
AaniePhillipsNortheastern Univ. '19D32016
RamiSalehNorthern Essex C.C. '16D32016
JuliaSpinelliNortheastern Univ. '20D32016

K-12 Student Engagement (2021-2022)

Number of students directly interacted with with program efforts in AY 2021-22 (Sept ’21 – July ’22):


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