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Web Resources
Please also visit our facebook page for updates on STEM programs and opportunities at Northeastern and beyond. The Center for STEM Education will be updating this listing of web sites frequently with resources that parents, students, and teachers might find useful during this challenging time. Below is the list of websites we think would be beneficial to you. The key to the table columns is at the end.

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For a massive and continuously updated list of educational resources, also check out this page: Amazing Educational Resources

Name (Linked)TRGGRDFLDCATDescription
ABCyaLAAGABCya has educational games for K-12 students, sorted by category and grade
Amazing Educational ResourcesBAARAmazing Educational Resources - a massive and continuously updated database of educational resources.
America's Test KitchenBAORAmerica's Test Kitchen: learn all about food and cooking - for kids.
(AAAS) - Advancing Science, Serving SocietyEASRAmerican Association for the Advancement of Science serves to connect scientists and spread responsible practices of science and technology. Many events and programs available.
ACS - Chemistry Education ResourcesBASRAmerican Chemical Society's list of Chemistry Education Resources for students and educators at all grade level. All content is free during the pandemic/school closures.
(ASEE) - American Society for Engineering EducationEAERAmerican Society for Engineering Education is a large outlet for supporting teachers and the engineering community through advocacy and public policy. There are many publication resources available through the site.
Archive.org - National Emergency LibraryBAARArchive.org's National Emergency Library is a free collection (requires creating an account) of books that supports emergency remote teaching, research activities, independent scholarship, and intellectual stimulation while universities, schools, training centers, and libraries are closed.
Big Book of STEM Activities: Book 1 | Book 2BAARBig Book of STEM Classroom Challenges includes 100+ activities for classrooms and students project teams.
BPS Website
BAARBoston Public Schools website has back to school resources for students and families.
BPS Science DepartmentBAARBPS Science Department provides practice resources, teacher tips, video clips, and more!
BrainPOPEAAGBrainPOP provides students, teachers and parents with engaging animated videos, quizzes, and other activities to complement engineering curricula.
Bridge DesignerBAEGBridge Designer simulates real life civil engineering challenges in the design and construction of a bridge, available for free to students and educators.
Carolina - Learning from HomeBASRCarolina Biological Supply Company is committed to support parents, teachers, and school districts with learn-from-home resources during this challenging time. Explore these resources for elementary and middle school students from Carolina’s Building Blocks of Science™ 3D, Innovators in Science, and Smithsonian Programs.
(CAISE) - Center for the Advancement of Informal Science EducationEASACenter for Advancement of Informal Science Education provides different research supporting its mission of promoting more informal science settings and the benefits it has on overall science interest and learning. There are also available evaluation tools for teachers.
Chemical Engineering - Teaching ModulesECEAChemE@Utah provides a list of experiments to conduct related to chemical engineering.
CM Center - Online Learning ResourcesBASRChrista McAuliffe Center's list of Online Learning resources, with a primary focus on science and math.
Code.orgBATGCode.org is dedicated to assisting anyone learn how to code. This resource is often implemented in the classroom, but is also a great way to learn at home.
STEM @ Energy.govBAAADepartment of Energy has resources for teachers interested in STEM. Online learning resources, experiential learning opportunities, grants, fellowship, and research are all offered.
DiscoverEEAARDiscoverE offers a growing number of hands-on activities, videos, and other resources that volunteers, parents, and students can use to explore engineering. The site also introduces national engineering outreach programs.
Discovery EducationBAAADiscovery Education provides access to digital textbooks, streaming resources, professional development and community engagement opportunities, and STEM programs.
EdutopiaEAAAEdutopia has articles and videos to provide ideas and help teachers develop and improve.
edX - Free Online CoursesLAARedX compiles online courses offered by a variety of institutions around the country, allowing you to easily search for and sign up for courses you are interested in.
eGFI: Engineering Go For ItBMAReGFI website offers information about engineering careers and how to pursue them, including profiles of engineering students and professionals. Teachers also can find lesson plans, hands-on activities, and professional development opportunities.
Engineering is ElementaryBEEAEiE provides engineering curricula specific for various grade levels Pre-K through 8th grade.
EngineerGirlBMEAEngineer Girl, designed by the National Academy of Engineering, this fun and informative site celebrates women in engineering and allows girls to explore what engineers do. It also offers resources to parents, teachers and mentors.
Engineering Education Service CenterBAEAEngineering Education Service Center provides books, DVDs, labs, presentations, etc for teachers.
Engineering for ChangeEAEREngineering for Change is an organization dedicated to improve the quality of life of various communities. This website provides a perspective on the applications of engineering and how engineering can be implemented to each other.
Environmental Science.orgLCSREnvironmental Science: provides information on environmental science, studies, and policy degrees as well as careers, internships, and scholarships. The website also provides a listing of the top environmental science schools as well as a environmental-specific job search feature.
ExploritoriumBAARExploratorium provides interactives, web features, activities, programs, and events for K-12. Saturday and Summer professional development workshops are available through the Teacher Institute.
FabFemsBAARFabFems is a place to find and become a female STEM role model.
Flinn Science at HomeBASRFlinn Science at Home includes both free video labs with related teacher and student guides, 50 free at home activities that students can use under parental supervision to keep their curiosity piqued, digital learning platforms, and discounted lab kits to order.
Informal ScienceBAARInformal Science provides resources for projects, research, and evaluations to interconnect the informal STEM community.
(ITEEA) - International Technology and Engineering Educators AssociationEAARInternational Technology and Engineering Educators Association has a strong news and publications section with an e-store that includes various teaching materials.
Khan Academy - TeacherBAAAKhan Academy allows teachers to assign practice problems, videos, and articles and track student progress, parents to create accounts for their children to bolster the material they are learning in school, and video tutorials for students to learn about a variety of topics.
KidWind.orgEMEAKidWind Project is dedicated to teaching students about wind energy. KidWind host competition events, provide lesson plans, and offer educational and entertaining kits.
LinkEngineering Educator ExchangeBAEALink Engineering is an online community of PreK-12 Educators dedicated to providing STEM experiences for their students.
STEM Games for KidsEAARMaryville University provides a list of engaging STEM related online games for kids.
(MAST) - Massachusetts Association of Science TeachersEASRMassachusetts Association of Science Teachers (MAST) offers an annual conference, teacher resources, grants and funding opportunities, as well as networking events.
Massachusetts Department of Higher Education
BCSRMassachusetts Department of Higher Education has information regarding public colleges and universities within the state.
Mass Curriculum FrameworksBAARMass DOE for Primary and Secondary School provides the framework and standards for public high school classrooms.
Massachusetts Technology Education/Engineering Collaborative
BAE, TAMassTEC has lesson plans, resources, and conferences for teachers.
Math PlaygroundLEAGMath Playground is a repository of math educational games, aimed at a younger audience.
MathsChaseLEMGMathsChase is a simple, free game to practice your times tables
Museum of Science
BAAAMuseum of Science (Boston) is an excellent way to observe and interact with STEM phenomena and learn about the history of science.
Robotics Education ProjectLMARNASA's Robotics Education Project is intended to raise children's interest in robotics and promote it as a possible career choice. The website highlights many applications of robots, such as space exploration, medicine and mechanical automation.
NASAEAAANASA provides lesson plans, teacher guides, classroom activities, video clips, games, posters, and more for teachers and students in grades K-4, 5-8, 9-12, and higher education.
The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, MedicineBCARNational Academies of Science, Engineering, and Medicine has a wide reach from K-12 lesson plan resources to girls in STEM event opportunities.
The National Academies PressBCARNational Academies Press has a vast resource of books on science, engineering, and medicine. All books are ready to order and some are available in kindle editions.
National Academy of Engineering - Grand ChallengesBAERNational Academy of Engineering compiles a list of the greatest current engineering challenges and opportunities.
(NARST) - The National Association for Research in Science TeachingEASRNational Association for Science Teaching brings new research findings to teachers and policy-makers in order to incorporate new research into curriculums and schools.
National Center for Technological LiteracyEMTRNational Center for Technological Literacy (NCTL) is led by the Museum of Science, Boston. The site provides a vast amount of information for educators on workshops, professional development, curricula for grades K-12, and access to the Museum's Lyman Library.
(NCTM) - National Council of Teachers of Mathematics
EAMRNational Council of Teachers of Mathematics has a large resource of available funding and grants for mathematics teachers as well as networking opportunities and lesson plan suggestions
NIHF - At-Home LearningEAARNational Inventors Hall of Fame (NIHF) has developed an at-home resource center to provide innovative education opportunities, no matter where learning takes place. Includes a virtual tour of the NIHF museum, stories of real-world inventors, STEM activities and additional resources for your students to help extend learning beyond the classroom.
The National Science Foundation
BCSRNational Science Foundation is an organization that funds research and education in science and engineering fields. Proposals may be submitted fund a program.
(NSTA) - National Science Teachers AssociationEASANational Science Teachers Foundation provides networking event opportunities, curriculum supplements and lesson plans, as well as up-to-date science articles.
NBC LearnLAAVNBC Learn offers free short videos and companion lesson plans and classroom activities. Concepts in science and engineering are connected to topics kids care about, ranging from sports to sustainability to the latest in high tech.
Next.cc - Design+Imagination in STEMBE, MARNEXT.cc has background information and activities related to an array of STEM related topics.
Nanoscale Informal Science Education NetworkEMSANISE website provides information about camps, exhibits, and public events about nanotechnology, as well as lesson plans, activity kits and professional development opportunities.
NSTA Learning CenterEAAANSTA Learning Center has resources, events, professional development opportunities, and forums for science teachers.
Open CultureBAAROpen Culture provides links to all kinds of free cultural and educational media on the web.
Pathways to Science
BAARPathways to Science provides a search engine for students to find STEM programs, funding opportunities, webinars, and professional development materials.
SciGirlsLMSGPBS Kids SciGirls has videos and games that engage girls in science.
PBS LearningMediaEAAAPBS LearningMedia provides nearly 4,000 science, technology, engineering and math resources for PreK-5, 6-12 as well as free, self-paced modules for teachers teaching global climate change to middle school and high school students.
Pitsco's STEM at HomeBAARPitsco's STEM at Home is a collection of free STEM activities and publications for families to use at home.
Project Kaleidoscope (PKAL)
ECSRPKAL is dedicated to empowering STEM faculty to transform STEM teaching and learning by providing resources on how to broaden participation.
The Practical EducatorEAAAPractical Educator has information on 3D printing, biology, and STEM projects for teachers as well as a store to purchase classroom and project materials.
Rosie ResearchBASVRosie Research - STEM Sleuths is a youtube series where you can do all kinds of science experiments. Free templates and material lists included.
Scholastic Learn at HomeBAAAScholastic Learn at Home brings Scholastic Magazines home, providing day to day projects for students in grades Pre-K - 9.
Science Buddies - Science Fair HelpBMSAScience Buddies provides inspiration for science fair projects with over a thousand ideas to search through.
Science Fair Central
EESAScience Fair Central provides project ideas, how to create projects, and tips on how to present. The website also provides activities for families to do together.
Science From ScientistsBAAAScience from Scientists has lesson plans, professional development opportunities, and programs focused on increasing the involvement of the nation's youth in STEM fields.
Science MomBSAAScience Mom: list of science activities for kids of all ages.
Science News for StudentsBHALScience News for Students provides a well designed, student friendly platform for reading articles revolving around current science events.
Science Spot - Junk Box WarsEMSRScience Spot is a resource collection for middle school science teachers. Junk Box Wars is a library of ready-to-use STEM projects and challenges for students.
Science with Sophie
LAAVScience with Sophie is a comedy series that explores science and encourages girls (and everyone) to explore and learn about the diversity of STEM.
SciGirls Educator ResourcesBAARSciGirls has resources, videos, and activities offered in English and Spanish published by PBS Digital Studios.
Shelf StuffBMOVShelf Stuff - a digital community for middle school readers.
Master ToolsEHAAShodor: Eight interactive math and science tools and simulations for students in grades 6-12. All simulations and curriculum materials meet the new National Science Education Standards and National Math Education Standards.
Solar Energy WorkbookBSAASolar Energy Workbook is a free downloadable workbook to learn more about the basics of solar energy.
SolidWorks for StudentsBCERSolidWorks is a 3D CAD software that enables students in generating designs for simulations, 3D printing, etc.
Start EngineeringBCTRStart Engineering has guides for cyber and engineering career paths, kids' books, and a shop for guides and workbooks.
STEM CentralECARSTEM Central is networking platform that works in conjunction with Project Kaleidoscope to connect STEM faculty.
National STEM Video Game ChallengeEHARSTEM Challenge: middle school (5-8), high school students (9-12), and educators are invited to design games that incorporate STEM content or STEM themes in innovative and engaging ways. Home schoolers are eligible to enter as well. Sign up to be notified about the 2013 competition.
STEM ConnectorECARSTEM Connector strives to inspire and assist the growth of the STEM workforce by providing a platform for company leaders to network and collaborate.
STEMfinity - Free STEM ResourcesBAARSTEMfinity's list of free STEM resources gathered from around the web. Resources are filtered by category. Digital Library Comprised of Standards-based Curricula for K-12.
STEM Robotics RepositoryBAAASTEM Robotics: A repository of curricula and resources related to robotics and STEM in general.
STEM Teaching ToolsEASVSTEM Teaching Tools focuses on providing resources to supporting the teaching of the Next Generation Science Standards.
TeachEngineeringEAAATeachEngineering: Engineers have a hand in designing, creating or modifying nearly everything around us. Find out more in this growing collection of 750+ free, teacher-tested, standards-based K-12 lessons and activities that engage students and enhance science and math learning through the use of hands-on engineering.
TeacherTubeEAAVTeacherTube is the educational version of YouTube, hosting videos primarily, but not limited to, Math and English.
Tech for LearnersBAARTech for Learners is a search engine for products and services offered by EdTech companies.
The ConnectoryEAARThe Connectory provides a search engine for STEM opportunities. Programs can be searched for by location or by specific interest.
Mass State Science and Engineering FairBHSAThe MSSEF hosts, for both high and middle school students, state wide and regional engineering and science fairs. This website allows students to enter their Fair and gives a resource guide.
TryEngineeringBAEATryEngineering informs students, teachers, school counselors and parents about what engineering is and what engineers do. The site contains information and games about the field, provides listings of student programs and opportunities, contains a university finder, and has lesson plans aligned to standards.
TryEngineering - Lesson PlansBAEATry Engineering is a great resource for teachers that want to explore a topic in engineering in the classroom. The resources on this site make it possible to have a solid lesson plan and expose the students to many unique applications of engineering.
Volunteer MatchBCOLVolunteerMatch helps individuals looking to volunteer with events or programs. Programs can be sorted by type and location.
Water Pollutant ExperimentsEHAAWater Pollutant Experiments was created by an experienced teacher who has done much research at Northeastern. The site provides examples and videos of water pollutant activities that could be replicated in the classroom.
WGBH Distance LearningBAARWGBH's Distance Learning Center is a collection of free, trusted digital resources for grades Pre-K to 12
Key to Table Columns:
TRG = Target Audience
B = Both | E = Educator (this includes parents and teachers) | L = Learner (i.e. students)
GRD = Primary Grade Level of this Resource:
A = All grades | E = Elementary | M = Middle School | H = High School | C= College
FLD = Academic Field of Study
A = All | E = Engineering | M = Math | O = Other | S = Science | T = Technology
CAT = Category of the Resource, i.e. what type of a resource is it
A = Activities and Lesson Plans | G = Game | R = Resource (i.e. a resource or a list of additional resources) | V = Video or Video Series