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Name (Linked)CategoryDescription
ExploratoriumK-12 Student & ParentProvides interactives, web features, activities, programs, and events for K-12. Saturday and Summer professional development workshops are available through the Teacher Institute.
NASAK-12 Student & ParentLesson plans, teacher guides, classroom activities, video clips, games, posters, and more for teachers and students in grades K-4, 5-8, 9-12, and higher education.
eGFI: Engineering Go For ItK-12 Student & ParentThe eGFI website offers information about engineering careers and how to pursue them, including profiles of engineering students and professionals. Teachers also can find lesson plans, hands-on activities, and professional development opportunities.
Kinetic CityK-12 Student & ParentScience games for students in grades 3-5. One activity asks students to replace the body systems of a character who sounds like Arnold Schwarzenegger. The website requires free registration.
National STEM Video Game ChallengeK-12 Student & ParentMiddle school (5-8), high school students (9-12), and educators are invited to design games that incorporate STEM content or STEM themes in innovative and engaging ways. Home schoolers are eligible to enter as well. Sign up to be notified about the 2013 competition.
Master ToolsK-12 Student & ParentEight interactive math and science tools and simulations for students in grades 6-12. All simulations and curriculum materials meet the new National Science Education Standards and National Math Education Standards.
Engineer your LifeK-12 Student & ParentAimed at high school girls, Engineer Your Life describes engineering careers through the inspiring work of contemporary young engineers. The site explains what students can do to prepare for college and what to expect in college engineering programs. The site has a link to a companion site for girls in grades 5-8.
STEM Education Resource CenterK-12 Student & ParentProvides nearly 4,000 science, technology, engineering and math resources for PreK-5, 6-12 as well as free, self-paced modules for teachers teaching global climate change to middle school and high school students.
A Compendium of Best Practice K-12 STEM Education ProgramsK-12 Student & ParentAll 38 K-12 STEM programs included in this report provide challenging content/curriculum, an inquiry-learning environment, defined outcomes/assessment, and sustained commitment/community support. Each program entry gives an overview, defines target population and learning environment, and presents highlights of results. Contact information is provided.
BrainPOPK-12 Student & ParentThe website BrainPOP provides students, teachers and parents with engaging animated videos, quizzes, and other activities to complement engineering curricula.
DiscoverEK-12 Student & ParentDiscoverE offers a growing number of hands-on activities, videos, and other resources that volunteers, parents, and students can use to explore engineering. The site also introduces national engineering outreach programs.
EngineerGirlK-12 Student & ParentDesigned by the National Academy of Engineering, this fun and informative site celebrates women in engineering and allows girls to explore what engineers do. It also offers resources to parents, teachers and mentors.
MathsChaseK-12 Student & ParentSimple, free game to practice your times tables
Nanoscale Informal Science Education NetworkK-12 Student & ParentThe NISE Net website provides information about camps, exhibits, and public events about nanotechnology, as well as lesson plans, activity kits and professional development opportunities.
National Center for Technological LiteracyK-12 Student & ParentThe National Center for Technological Literacy (NCTL) is led by the Museum of Science, Boston. The site provides a vast amount of information for educators on workshops, professional development, curricula for grades K-12, and access to the Museum's Lyman Library.
NBC LearnK-12 Student & ParentNBC Learn offers free short videos and companion lesson plans and classroom activities. Concepts in science and engineering are connected to topics kids care about, ranging from sports to sustainability to the latest in high tech.
PBS Learning MediaK-12 Student & ParentThis website offers short clips and lesson plans on engineering (in the science section) by grade level and by state and national standards. The collections include materials for Cyberchase, Design Squad, DragonflyTV, Fetch! With Ruff Ruffman and other award-winning series.
Robotics Education ProjectK-12 Student & ParentNASA's Robotics Education Project is intended to raise children's interest in robotics and promote it as a possible career choice. The website highlights many applications of robots, such as space exploration, medicine and mechanical automation.
TeachEngineeringK-12 Student & ParentEngineers have a hand in designing, creating or modifying nearly everything around us. Find out more in this growing collection of 750+ free, teacher-tested, standards-based K-12 lessons and activities that engage students and enhance science and math learning through the use of hands-on engineering.
TryEngineeringK-12 Student & ParentThe website TryEngineering informs students, teachers, school counselors and parents about what engineering is and what engineers do. The site contains information and games about the field, provides listings of student programs and opportunities, contains a university finder, and has lesson plans aligned to standards.
The ConnectoryK-12 Student & ParentThe Connectory provides a search engine for STEM opportunities. Programs can be searched for by location or by specific interest.
Code.orgK-12 Student & ParentCode.org is dedicated to assisting anyone learn how to code. This resource is often implemented in the classroom, but is also a great way to learn at home.
Engineering for ChangeK-12 Student & ParentEngineering for Change is an organization dedicated to improve the quality of life of various communities. This website provides a perspective on the applications of engineering and how engineering can be implemented to each other.
STEM @ Energy.govK-12 Student & ParentThe Department of Energy has resources for K-12 students interested in STEM. Online learning resources, contests, competitions, experiential learning opportunities, internships, and research are all offered.
Khan Academy - LearnersK-12 Student & ParentKhan Academy provides video tutorials to aid students in math, science, engineering, humanities, economics, test prep, and more!
Khan Academy
- Parents
K-12 Student & ParentKhan Academy allows parents to create accounts for their children to bolster the material they are learning in school.
KidWind.orgK-12 Student & ParentThe KidWind Project is dedicated to teaching students about wind energy. KidWind host competition events, provide lesson plans, and offer educational and entertaining kits.
Mass State Science and Engineering FairK-12 Student & ParentThe MSSEF hosts, for both high and middle school students, state wide and regional engineering and science fairs. This website allows students to enter their Fair and gives a resource guide.
Science Buddies - Science Fair HelpK-12 Student & ParentScience Buddies provides inspiration for science fair projects with over a thousand ideas to search through.
Tulane's Guide to Science ResourcesK-12 Student & ParentTulane provides a compilation of student resources organized by age and subject.
Science Fair Central
K-12 Student & ParentScience Fair Central provides project ideas, how to create projects, and tips on how to present. The website also provides activities for families to do together.
Science From Scientists
K-12 Student & ParentSFS is dedicated to increasing elementary and middle school student involvement in STEM. The organization hosts workshops for students and provides curriculum for teachers.
Science News for StudentsK-12 Student & ParentThis resource provides a well designed, student friendly platform for reading articles revolving around current science events.
Science with Sophie
K-12 Student & ParentScience with Sophie is a comedy series that explores science and encourages girls (and everyone) to explore and learn about the diversity of STEM.
SolidWorks for StudentsK-12 Student & ParentSolidWorks is a 3D CAD software that enables students in generating designs for simulations, 3D printing, etc.
Guide to Online Education/SchoolsK-12 Student & ParentThis search engine allows students to find a University with an online program for the degree of their interest.
Getting Girls involved in STEMK-12 Student & ParentIT Hare provides tips and resources for increasing STEM interest and involvement in girls.
SciGirlsK-12 Student & ParentPBS Kids SciGirls has videos and games that engage girls in science.
STEM Games for KidsK-12 Student & ParentMaryville University provides a list of engaging STEM related online games for kids.
Title Pro's Tinkering GuideK-12 Student & ParentTitle Pro hosts a compilation of background articles and guides for tinkering projects. Project topics vary from electronics, machines, engineering, and coding.
Kinetic and Potential Energy GuideK-12 Student & ParentSaveOnEnergy has created a simple and straightforward explanation of kinetic and potential energy.
Kids Research/Education Links DatabaseK-12 Student & ParentA collection of websites and resources to help kids do research.
Academic Research/Education Links DatabaseK-12 Student & ParentThere’s no feeling like the trepidation one experiences at the outset of a large research project. Where does one begin? What is the best sequence of steps to take in completing the research? Find out here
Women in Cryptocurrency and BlockchainCollege StudentBitIRA provides information on the demographics of the cryptocurrency industry, highlighting the discrepancy in the involvement and incorporation of Women. This website lists numerous media articles and resources.
Companies Eager to Hire Cryptocurrency and Blockchain ExpertsCollege StudentThis article looks at how blockchain can be applied across various industries.
BestColleges.comCollege StudentThis website provides information on careers in STEM including descriptions of applications of STEM majors, information on Women in STEM, and statistics for different careers.
Accredited Schools OnlineCollege StudentThis website describes different careers in STEM, has resources for Women and Minorities in STEM, and has resources for STEM students and job seekers.
Guide for Women in STEM
College StudentThis guide for women in STEM goes through the challenges of women in STEM, reasons to pursue STEM, pre-college programs for women, support for college students, scholarships for women in STEM, and various resources.
STEM @ Energy.gov
College StudentThe Department of Energy has resources for college students in STEM. Contests, competitions, experiential learning opportunities, internships, fellowships, and research are all offered.
Discover Data Science
College StudentDescribes what is meant by terms like data science/scientist/engineer and what operations they perform. Explains the what, how, and why of data science degree programs and the fields & careers that they encompass.
Data Science Graduate Programs
College StudentDiscusses graduate degrees in data science and has information listed by state on available programs. Explains and discusses the difference between Master's, Graduate Certificates, and Doctoral Programs and the outcomes for each.
Master's in Data Science
College StudentThis website provides information about what data science is, potential career paths, local events, and various university data science graduate programs.
Environmental Science.orgCollege StudentProvides information on environmental science, studies, and policy degrees as well as careers, internships, and scholarships. The website also provides a listing of the top environmental science schools as well as a environmental-specific job search feature.
The Connectory - Volunteers
VolunteersThe Connectory allows individuals to find STEM outreach programs for kids that are looking for volunteers. Programs can be searched for by location.
DiscoverE - Volunteers
VolunteersDiscoverE provides resources on how to engage kids in engineering activities and effectively communicate engineering principles.
Volunteer MatchVolunteersVolunteerMatch helps individuals looking to volunteer with events or programs. Programs can be sorted by type and location.
The National Science Foundation
Faculty / StaffThe National Science Foundation is an organization that funds research and education in science and engineering fields. Proposals may be submitted fund a program.
Project Kaleidoscope (PKAL)
Faculty / StaffPKAL is dedicated to empowering STEM faculty to transform STEM teaching and learning by providing resources on how to broaden participation.
STEM CentralFaculty / StaffSTEM Central is networking platform that works in conjunction with Project Kaleidoscope to connect STEM faculty.
Grammar CheckerGeneral STEMCheck grammar mistakes in your text
WordCounterGeneral STEMCount the number of words and characters in your text
Museum of Science
General STEMThe Museum of Science is an excellent way to observe and interact with STEM phenomena and learn about the history of science.
National Academy of Engineering - Grand ChallengesGeneral STEMTHE NAE compiles a list of the greatest current engineering challenges and opportunities.
Pathways to Science
General STEMProvides a search engine for students to find STEM programs, funding opportunities, webinars, and professional development materials.
STEM ConnectorGeneral STEMSTEM Connector strives to inspire and assist the growth of the STEM workforce by providing a platform for company leaders to network and collaborate.
STEM Robotics RepositoryGeneral STEMA repository of curricula and resources related to robotics and STEM in general.
Technology Education - STEM ResourcesGeneral STEMThis website has STEM resources for everyone -- from general information for anyone to resources for parents, elementary/middle/high school/college students and teachers, women in STEM, individuals looking for colleges or careers, STEM news, STEM social media, and projects and programs for all ages.
Citation GeneratorGeneral STEMThis website lets you easily add citations to your paper, including many popular citation formats.
BPS Website
EducatorBoston Public Schools website has back to school resources for students and families.
BPS Science DepartmentEducatorBPS Science Department provides practice resources, teacher tips, video clips, and more!
Chemical Engineering - Teaching ModulesEducatorThis website provides a list of experiments to conduct related to chemical engineering.
Concordia University Portland - Full STEAM AheadEducatorThis website showcases helpful information about STEAM education, useful classroom project ideas, and professional development opportunities (including grants, conferences, and training).
DiscoverE Content & ActivitiesEducatorDiscoverE has a compilation of activities and experiments for students to conduct.
Discovery EducationEducatorDiscovery Education provides access to digital textbooks, streaming resources, professional development and community engagement opportunities, and STEM programs.
EdutopiaEducatorEdutopia has articles and videos to provide ideas and help teachers develop and improve.
STEM @ Energy.govEducatorThe Department of Energy has resources for teachers interested in STEM. Online learning resources, experiential learning opportunities, grants, fellowship, and research are all offered.
Engineering Education Service CenterEducatorEngineering Education Service Center provides books, DVDs, labs, presentations, etc for teachers.
Engineering - Go For It (Teacher Portal)EducatorEngineering Go For It has lesson plans, activities, programs, and resources for teachers.
Engineering is ElementaryEducatorEiE provides engineering curricula specific for various grade levels Pre-K through 8th grade.
ExploritoriumEducatorExploratorium has professional development programs as well as resources and tools for teaching.
Getting Girls involved in STEMEducatorIT Hare has background and articles dedicated to increasing the involvement of girls in STEM.
Informal ScienceEducatorInformal Science provides resources for projects, research, and evaluations to interconnect the informal STEM community.
The Practical EducatorEducatorThe Practical Educator has information on 3D printing, biology, and STEM projects for teachers as well as a store to purchase classroom and project materials.
Khan Academy - TeacherEducatorKhan Academy allows teachers to assign practice problems, videos, and articles and track student progress.
LinkEngineering Educator ExchangeEducatorLink Engineering is an online community of PreK-12 Educators dedicated to providing STEM experiences for their students.
Massachusetts Department of Higher Education
EducatorMassachusetts Department of Higher Education has information regarding public colleges and universities within the state.
Mass Curriculum FrameworksEducatorMass DOE for Primary and Secondary School provides the framework and standards for public high school classrooms.
Massachusetts Technology Education/Engineering Collaborative
EducatorMassTEC has lesson plans, resources, and conferences for teachers.
Next.cc - Design+Imagination in STEMEducatorNEXT.cc has background information and activities related to an array of STEM related topics.
NSTA Learning CenterEducatorNSTA Learning Center has resources, events, professional development opportunities, and forums for science teachers.
Science From ScientistsEducatorScience from Scientists has lesson plans, professional development opportunities, and programs focused on increasing the involvement of the nation's youth in STEM fields.
SciGirls Educator ResourcesEducatorSciGirls has resources, videos, and activities offered in English and Spanish published by PBS Digital Studios.
SolidWorks for EducatorsEducatorSolidWorks is a powerful 3D CAD software that educators can teach their students how to implement to develop engineering solutions.
Start EngineeringEducatorStart Engineering has guides for cyber and engineering career paths, kids' books, and a shop for guides and workbooks.
STEM Teaching ToolsEducatorSTEM Teaching Tools focuses on providing resources to supporting the teaching of the Next Generation Science Standards.
Teach EngineeringEducatorTeach Engineering provides curricula that meet Next Generation Science Standards that incorporates engineering design.
TeacherTubeEducatorTeacherTube is the educational version of YouTube, hosting videos primarily, but not limited to, Math and English.
TryEngineering - Lesson PlansEducatorTry Engineering is a great resource for teachers that want to explore a topic in engineering in the classroom. The resources on this site make it possible to have a solid lesson plan and expose the students to many unique applications of engineering.
Water Pollutant ExperimentsEducatorWater Pollutant Experiments was created by an experienced teacher who has done much research at Northeastern. The site provides examples and videos of water pollutant activities that could be replicated in the classroom.
Why Every STEM Professional Needs a BlogEducatorWhy Every STEM Professional Needs A Blog provides techniques for better displaying and communicating your mission or findings in a unique way.
(AAAS) - Advancing Science, Serving SocietyEducatorThe American Association for the Advancement of Science serves to connect scientists and spread responsible practices of science and technology. Many events and programs available.
(ASEE) - American Society for Engineering EducationEducatorAmerican Society for Engineering Education is a large outlet for supporting teachers and the engineering community through advocacy and public policy. There are many publication resources available through the site.
(CAISE) - Center for the Advancement of Informal Science EducationEducatorCenter for Advancement of Informal Science Education provides different research supporting its mission of promoting more informal science settings and the benefits it has on overall science interest and learning. There are also available evaluation tools for teachers.
(ITEEA) - International Technology and Engineering Educators AssociationEducatorThe International Technology and Engineering Educators Association has a strong news and publications section with an e-store that includes various teaching materials.
(MAST) - Massachusetts Association of Science TeachersEducatorThe Massachusetts Association of Science Teachers (MAST) offers an annual conference, teacher resources, grants and funding opportunities, as well as networking events.
The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, MedicineEducatorThe National Academies of Science, Engineering, and Medicine has a wide reach from K-12 lesson plan resources to girls in STEM event opportunities.
The National Academies PressEducatorThe National Academies Press has a vast resource of books on science, engineering, and medicine. All books are ready to order and some are available in kindle editions.
(NARST) - The National Association for Research in Science TeachingEducatorNational Association for Science Teaching brings new research findings to teachers and policy-makers in order to incorporate new research into curriculums and schools.
(NCTM) - National Council of Teachers of Mathematics
EducatorNational Council of Teachers of Mathematics has a large resource of available funding and grants for mathematics teachers as well as networking opportunities and lesson plan suggestions
(NSTA) - National Science Teachers AssociationEducatorNational Science Teachers Foundation provides networking event opportunities, curriculum supplements and lesson plans, as well as up-to-date science articles.