Current Affiliated Grants

Principal InvestigatorAward #Award TypeAward to Date ($) Start DateTitleSTEM AffiliationLevel of
Javier Apfeld1750065NSF Career352,4062018, JuneIntercellular regulation of protein oxidation during aging
Sidi Bencherif1847843NSF Career119,0072019, AprilModulating Local Tumor Hypoxia using Cryogel Scaffolds to Regulate Dendritic Cell Function and Activity
Kaushik Chowdhury1452628NSF Career505,7312015, AprilIntegrated Data and Energy Access for Wireless Sensor NetworksField TripsDirect Outreach
Pau Closas1845833NSF Career297,5672019, MarchVR-based Cognitive Impairment Assessment of Stroke Survivors
Erin Cram1816640NSF MCB598,5542018, AugustElucidating the role of ERM proteins in cytoskeletal orientation in a contractile tissueYSP hostDirect Outreach
Eno Ebong1846962NSF Career393,0402019, MayEMBRACE STEM (Endothelial MechanoBiology Research & Multicultural Education in STEM YSP hostDirect Outreach
Matthew Eckelman1454414NSF Career502,6942015, MayBuilding Chemical Synthesis Networks for Life Cycle Hazard Modeling
Hui Fang1847215NSF Career299,9992019, FebruaryTransforming Neural Interfaces Using Stretchable, Transparent, Multifunctional Nanomesh MicroelectrodesYSP hostDirect Outreach
Stratis Ioannidis1750539NSF Career190,5072018, FebruaryLeveraging Sparsity in Massively Distributed OptimizationYSP presenterDirect Outreach
David Kaeli1559894NSF REU-Site359,5872016, AprilResearch Experiences and Mentoring in Data-Driven Discovery (REU-D3)Support
Bradley Lehman1757650NSF REU-Site361,4542018, MayPathways Opening World Energy Resources (REU-POWER)REUsDirect Outreach
Bradley Lehman1564653NSF Grant4,999,5712016, SeptemberStudent Pathways Opening World Energy Resources (S-POWER)S-POWERCo-PI
Yingzi Lin1838796NSF Collab. Research613,9462018, SeptemberNovel Computational Methods for Continuous Objective Multimodal Pain Assessment Sensing System (COMPASS)
Jose Martinez-Lorenzo1653671NSF Career516,0002017, March4D mm-Wave Compressive Sensing and Imaging at One Thousand Volumetric Frames per Second
Andrew Myers1552559NSF Career508,0002016, FebruaryAdvancing Multi-Hazard Assessment and Risk-Based Design for Offshore Wind Energy TechnologyField TripsDirect Outreach
Marvin Onabajo1451213NSF Career500,0002015, FebruaryLow-Power Transceiver Design Methods for Wireless Medical MonitoringYSP hostDirect Outreach
Sarah Ostadabbas1755695NSF CISE CRII168,6982018, JuneSemi-Supervised Physics-Based Generative Model for Data Augmentation and Cross-Modality Data ReconstructionYSP hostDirect Outreach
Ameet Pinto1749530NSF Career217,8492018, MayDeveloping a Spatial-Temporal Predictive Framework for the Drinking Water Microbiome
Robert Platt1750649NSF Career93,6582018, SeptemberRobotic Manipulation Using Deep Deictic Reinforcement Learning
Matteo Rinaldi1350114NSF Career430,0002014, AprilNano Electro Mechanical Resonant Sensing Platform for Chip Scale, High Resolution and Ultra-Fast Terahertz Spectroscopy and Imaging
Aatmesh Shrivastava1812588NSF CSR Grant500,0002018, SeptemberUltra-Low Power Analog Computing and Dry Skin-Electrode Contact Interface Design Techniques for Systems-On-A-Chip with EEG Sensing and Feature ExtractionYSP hostDirect Outreach
Eugene Tunik1804550NSF Collab. Research300,0002018, SeptemberUnderstanding Motor Cortical Organization through Engineering Innovation to TMS-Based Brain Mapping
Jan-Willem van de Meent1835309NSF Career999,3752018, AugustLeveraging Deep Probabilistic Models to Understand the Neural Bases of Subjective Experience
Yanzhi Wang1854213NSF IRES299,3312019, MarchU.S.-Japan International Research Experience for Students on Superconducting ElectronicsEvaluationSupport
Richard West1751720NSF Career503,8882018, JulyPredictive kinetic modeling of halogenated hydrocarbon combustion
Mark Williams1828506NSF MRI1,077,5002018, JanuaryAcquisition of a Lumick's SuperC-TRAP correlative optical tweezers and Fluorescence Microscope (CTFM) system
Total Award to Date ($): 15,708,362

Past Affiliated Grants

Principal InvestigatorAward #Award TypeAward to Date ($)TitleYearsSTEM AffiliationLevel of
Casper Harteveld1422750NSF Pathways288,528GrACE: An AI-Driven Game for Broadening Participation in Computer Science9/2014