Affiliated Research Grants

Principal InvestigatorAward #Award TypeAward to Date ($) Start DateTitleSTEM AffiliationLevel of
Alam, Md Noor E2047094NSF Career5002392021, 6Robust Matching Algorithms for Causal Inference in Large Observational StudiesYSP host
Amato, Christopher2044993NSF Career (IIS:RI)5499982021.3Improving Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning for Cooperative, Partially Observable Settings
Amirabadi, Mahshid2047213NSF Career3932662021, 3Universal SiC-Based Power Converters for Renewable Energy SystemsYSP host
Apfeld, Javier1750065NSF Career3524062018, 6Intercellular regulation of protein oxidation during aging
Bencherif, Sidi1847843NSF Career2404422019, 4Modulating Local Tumor Hypoxia using Cryogel Scaffolds to Regulate Dendritic Cell Function and Activity
Bi, Max2046683NSF Career5499982021, 7Statistical Mechanics of Cellular StructuresTeacher PD
Casella, Christian2034948NSF Career4093122021, 2Giant Tunability through Piezoelectric Resonant Acoustic Metamaterials for Radio Frequency Adaptive Integrated ElectronicsYSP host
Chowdhury, Kaushik1452628NSF Career5057312015, 4Integrated Data and Energy Access for Wireless Sensor NetworksField TripsDirect Outreach
Closas, Pau1845833NSF Career5000002019, 3Secure and ubiquitous position, navigation and timing
Cram, Erin1816640NSF MCB5985542018, 8Elucidating the role of ERM proteins in cytoskeletal orientation in a contractile tissueYSP hostDirect Outreach
Ebong, Eno1846962NSF Career4090402019, 5EMBRACE STEM (Endothelial MechanoBiology Research & Multicultural Education in STEM YSP hostDirect Outreach
Eckelman, Matthew1454414NSF Career5423792015, 5Building Chemical Synthesis Networks for Life Cycle Hazard Modeling
Erb, Randall1445261NSF EAGER1347542014, 7Assembling Strong Composite Materials that Change Shape Quickly
Fang, Hui1847215NSF Career5000002019, 2Transforming Neural Interfaces Using Stretchable, Transparent, Multifunctional Nanomesh MicroelectrodesYSP hostDirect Outreach
Galloway, Joshua2044602NSF Career5101122021.3Engineering electrochemical reversibility in disordered materials for high energy density batteriesField TripsDirect Outreach
Harteveld, Casper1422750NSF Pathways2885282014, 9GrACE: An AI-Driven Game for Broadening Participation in Computer ScienceSummer ProgramsDirect Outreach
Ioannidis, Stratis1750539NSF Career3736232018, 2Leveraging Sparsity in Massively Distributed OptimizationYSP presenterDirect Outreach
Jin, Xiaoning "Sarah"1943801NSF Career5000002020, 7Unifying Sensing, Machine Perception and Control for High-precision Micromanufacturing
YSP host
Jornet, Josep1955004NSF Collab. Research1714532020, 7CNS Core: Large: Scaling WLANs to Tb/sec: THz Spectrum, Architectures, and ControlYSP host
Kaeli, David1559894NSF REU-Site3595872016, 4Research Experiences and Mentoring in Data-Driven Discovery (REU-D3)Support
Kane, Michael2047317NSF Career7629522021, 9Human-Centric Automation in the Built EnvironmentSchool-based Classroom SupportDirect Outreach
Koppes, Abigail2045906NSF Career5000002021, 4Defining the regulators of enteric plasticity in engineered microfluidic environmentsYSP Host, Building BridgesDirect Outreach
Lehman, Bradley1757650NSF REU-Site3614542018, 5Pathways Opening World Energy Resources (REU-POWER)REUsDirect Outreach
Lehman, Bradley1564653NSF Grant49995712016, 9Student Pathways Opening World Energy Resources (S-POWER)S-POWERCo-PI
Lin, Xue "Shelley"1901378NSF Collab. Research7500002019, 5ADMM-NN: A Unified Software/Hardware Frame-work of DNN Computation and Storage Reduction Using ADMMSupport
Lin, Yingzi1838796NSF Collab. Research6139462018, 9Novel Computational Methods for Continuous Objective Multimodal Pain Assessment Sensing System (COMPASS)
Liu, Yongmin1654192NSF Career5000002017.6Spin Plasmonics for Ultrafast All-Optical Manipulation of Magnetization in Hybrid Metal-Ferromagnet Structures
Martinez-Lorenzo, Jose1653671NSF Career5160002017, 34D mm-Wave Compressive Sensing and Imaging at One Thousand Volumetric Frames per Second
Myers, Andrew1552559NSF Career5080002016, 2Advancing Multi-Hazard Assessment and Risk-Based Design for Offshore Wind Energy TechnologyField TripsDirect Outreach
Onabajo, Marvin1451213NSF Career5000002015, 2Low-Power Transceiver Design Methods for Wireless Medical MonitoringYSP hostDirect Outreach
Ostadabbas, Sarah1755695NSF CISE CRII1686982018, 6Semi-Supervised Physics-Based Generative Model for Data Augmentation and Cross-Modality Data ReconstructionYSP hostDirect Outreach
Parameswaran, Harikrishnan2047207NSF Career6026502021, 7Elucidating the Role of Collective Cell-Matrix Interactions in the Mechanobiology of Airway Narrowing
Pinto, Ameet1749530NSF Career5197912018, 5Developing a Spatial-Temporal Predictive Framework for the Drinking Water Microbiome
Platt, Robert1750649NSF Career4999042018, 9Robotic Manipulation Using Deep Deictic Reinforcement Learning
Rinaldi, Matteo1350114NSF Career4300002014, 4Nano Electro Mechanical Resonant Sensing Platform for Chip Scale, High Resolution and Ultra-Fast Terahertz Spectroscopy and Imaging
Shrivastava, Aatmesh1812588NSF CSR Grant5000002018, 9Ultra-Low Power Analog Computing and Dry Skin-Electrode Contact Interface Design Techniques for Systems-On-A-Chip with EEG Sensing and Feature ExtractionYSP hostDirect Outreach
Tunik, Eugene1804550NSF Collab. Research3000002018, 9Understanding Motor Cortical Organization through Engineering Innovation to TMS-Based Brain Mapping
van de Meent, Jan-Willem1835309NSF Career9993752018, 8Leveraging Deep Probabilistic Models to Understand the Neural Bases of Subjective Experience
van de Meent, Jan-Willem2047253NSF Career4743832021.10Learning Structured Representations with Deep Probabilistic Programs
Wang, Yanzhi1854213NSF IRES2993312019, 3U.S.-Japan International Research Experience for Students on Superconducting ElectronicsEvaluationSupport
West, Richard1751720NSF Career5038882018, 7Predictive kinetic modeling of halogenated hydrocarbon combustion
Williams, Mark1828506NSF MRI10775002018, 1Acquisition of a Lumick's SuperC-TRAP correlative optical tweezers and Fluorescence Microscope (CTFM) system
Zheng, Yi1941743NSF Career5032932019, 7Investigation of Nanoscale Radiative Heat Transfer for Enhanced Thermal Infrared Energy Conversion and Cooling
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