Title & LinkPublication DateOrg./JournalConferenceAuthors
stEm PEER Academy: the Power of Human Capital2024.6ASEE2024 ASEE Annual Conference & ExpositionLove, Duggan, Blume
Lessons Learned from the First Offering of REU PATHWAYS Summer Research Program for Community College Students2023.6ASEE2023 ASEE Annual Conference & ExpositionZeid, Love, Duggan
stEm Peer Academy: Building a Community of Practice2023.6ASEE2023 ASEE Annual Conference & ExpositionLove, Duggan, Isaacs, Parker, Norris
Engineering PLUS Alliance stEm PEER Academy for Faculty and Administrators: Transforming the National Engineering Education Landscape for Women and BIPOC Students2023.6ASEE2023 ASEE Annual Conference & ExpositionLove, Duggan, Xavier, Slater, Rath
WIP: An Effective Model for Leveraging Field Trips to Broaden Participation in STEM2020.6ASEE2020 ASEE
Annual Conference
Duggan, Love, Fuchs, Chernich, Fung
WIP: Mitigating Transfer Shock for Undergraduates in Engineering to Increase Diversity2020.6ASEE2020 ASEE
Annual Conference

Duggan, Reisberg, Harris, Lehman, Faux, Frias II

A Hybrid and Modular Curriculum Model in Advanced manufacturing for Liberal Arts Graduates2017.1IJEEJournal

Zeid, Bograd, Javdeka, Steiger-Escobar, Moussavi, Kapilow, Watson, Duggan, Kamarthi

Summer Research Programs for High School Students, Supporting Components2016.6ASEE2016 ASEE
Annual Conference
Duggan, Cabrera, Leger
Transforming Liberal Arts Graduates to Advanced Manufacturing Careers: The First Cohort2016.6ASEE2016 ASEE
Annual Conference
Zeid, Javdekar, Duggan, Bograd
Closing the Advanced Manufacturing Talent Gap2016.1Procedia

Javdekar, Watson, Kapilow, Bograd, Boyer, Zeid, Duggan

Formative evaluation of an innovative program to prepare non-technical majors to join advanced manufacturing workforce2016.1IEEEFrontiers in
Education Conference
Zeid, Bograd, Javdekar, Duggan
What Sticks with First-Year Engineering Students and Engineering Faculty in STEM Education Service-Learning Projects?2014.6ASEE2014 ASEE
Annual Conference
Love, Freeman, Sullivan
Engineering Based Learning: A Paradigm Shift for High School STEM Teaching2014.1IJEEJournalZeid, Chin, Duggan, Kamarthi
Development and Implementation of an Engineering Course Guided by Involvement in University-Based Professional Development2013.11ASMEASME 2013 IMECECasto, Zeid, Duggan
Effective use of engineering in teaching secondary STEM/STEAM courses: A robotics course example.2013.11ASMEASME 2013 IMECECost, Chin, Zeid, Duggan, Kamarthi
The Impact of Self-efficacy, through Experiential Education, on the Retention of Engineering Students2013.6ASEE2013 ASEE
Annual Conference
Metghalchi, Harris, Mason, Duggan
CAPSULE: How to use engineering-based learning (EBL) in high school STEM teaching2013.6Successful
STEM Education
STEM Smart: Lessons Learned from Successful SchoolsChin
How to use engineering in high school science teaching: two case studies2013.6ASEE2013 ASEE
Annual Conference
Zeid, Chin, Kamarthi
New Approach to Effective Teaching of STEM Courses in High Schools2013.1IJEEJournalZeid, Chin, Kamarthu, Duggan
Investigating a Framework for Modeling and Analysis for Wound Progression2012.11ASMEASME 2012 IMECEChin, Zeid, Kamarthi
Bridging high school STEM abstract concepts and application: teachers’ implementation2012.8ASMEIDETC-CIE 2012Chin. Zeid, Duggan, Kamarthi
Young Scholars Program: Summer Research Opportunities for Gifted and Talented Students2012.6ASEEASME 2012 IMECEMega, Duggan, Sullivan, Horn, DiMarzio
Retention of Under-Represented Minority Engineering Students through Practice-Oriented Experiential Education2012BookBook

Harris, Metghalchi, Duggan, Mason, Reisberg, Dutt

CAPSULE: An innovative capstone-based pedagogical approach to engage high school students in STEM learning.2011.11ASMEASME 2012 IMECEZeid, Kamarthi, Duggan, Chin
A unique methodology for implementing high school capstone experiences through teacher professional development.2011.11AJEEJournalChin, Zeid, Duggan, Kamarthi
A unique methodology for implementing high school capstone experiences through teacher professional development.2011.11, Zeid, Duggan, Kamarthi
Implementing capstone experience through CAPSULE in high schools: a unique and innovative method to teaching teachers the engineering design process.2011.6ASEE2011 ASEE
Annual Conference
Zeid, Kamarthi, Duggan, Chin
Reenergizing and reengaging student interest through CAPSULE2011.4IEEE2011 IEEE ISECChin, Zeid, Duggan, Kamarthi
Implementing the capstone experience concept for teacher professional development.2011ASEEEngineering Design in PedagogyZeid, Kamarthi, Duggan, Chin
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