Dever Elementary – STEM Field Trips (10.6.2023)

Last Friday (10.6) marked our second field trip of the 2023-2024 academic year!

50 students from Dever Elementary School in Boston came to Northeastern to participate in STEM activities. The day started with a presentation on the Engineering Design Process and the fundamentals of bioengineering. The first activity the students completed was a reverse egg drop. They tried to build a device to catch an egg — without breaking — dropped from a height! The egg worked as a great example of a brain and a skull to emphasize the importance of wearing helmets and for the ongoing research in the brain injury space. The activity was a great hit!


After lunch, students built paper rockets and launched them over Centennial. They worked in teams and showed a lot of collaboration skills — so important in engineering and other STEM fields! The rockets went really high, which is always super exciting.


Thank you Dever Elementary!

Time to launch the rockets! How far will they go?

Answering the question: what is an engineer? What do you think?

Work-study Atlas poses with the results of the egg drop. Some teams got frowny faces for a cracked egg; failure is a big part of engineering!

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