EXP Grand Opening (10.16.2023)

On Monday, October 16th, the Center for STEM Education was able to participate in the grand opening of the new EXP building! After the showcase,  30 high school junior and senior students from the O’Bryant School joined us in one of the EXP classrooms for the a short talk by Associate Dean Richard Harris, followed by the hexbug activity led by Professor Jennifer Love and volunteers.

Working with just a single index card and some tape, the students constructed designs for their hexbugs that would keep them within the ‘battle arena’ — even if another teams hexbug tried to knock them out. They could make modifications after battles if they wanted to; the Engineering Design Process in action! The students had a lot of fun challenging one another!

You can read more about the EXP showcase here. Thank you Northeastern University and the O’Bryant School!

Time for a challenge! May the best bug win.

  Listening to Associate Dean Richard Harris!

O’Bryant students hard at work on their hexbug designs!

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