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Young Scholars Program + REU Final Pr...

We are wrapping up our two summer research programs, REU-Power/REU-D3 and Young Scholar’s Program. Tomorrow (8/1) is final presentations and poster sessions for these programs; YSP will be presenting in West Village G 108 and REU will be presenting in West Village H 110 (see schedules: REU | YSP). Congratulations to all students on completing […]

Jackie Griffin @NUSSP 2019

On Wednesday, July 17th, Professor Jackie Griffin (MIE) led a session about epidemiology (spread of diseases) for our Summer STEM Program [NUSSP]. This summer, we had 24 program participants, whom are entering grades 6, 7, or 8 this year (September). On this day, we were learning about Human Health and Safety, particularly as to how […]

Mike Kane @NUSSP 2019

On the second day of NUSSP, in anticipation of our energy day in week two and to collect data ahead of time, students were given a homework assignment: a Bedroom Load Curve Datasheet and Instructions Handout. Each student was given a Kill-a-Watt Sensor, which allows the students to measure their personal energy use. The sensor […]

Hao Sun @NUSSP 2019

On Monday, July 15th, students in the NU Summer STEM program learned about Big Data, what it is, how it can be used, and the potential dangers of it. Using their knowledge of big data, the students had their chance to analyze some big data: 5 years of weather data from the Blue Hills Observatory. […]

Andy Myers @NUSSP 2019

On Tuesday, July 16th, our NU Summer STEM Program was focused on Energy; what it is, the different types, and how we (humans) can gather and harness it. As part of this day, students learned about sustainable energy sources, such as solar power, hydro power, and wind energy. PhD students Chi Qiao and Andrew Summerfield, […]

NUSSP 2019

Thank you all students and counselors for making this summer’s STEM program a success! I really enjoyed working with every single one of you, and look forward to seeing you at a callback in the future. -Nick Also, an extra thanks to the following people, who helped make this program a success: Reed Brockman – […]

JFK School – STEM Field Trip (’18-’19...

JFK School – STEM Field Trip (’18-’19)

Today, 5/28, we had a field trip of 5th grade students from the JFK school come to Northeastern for a day on Engineering and Natural Hazards/Disasters. The day started with a quick Do Now on how the students have reacted to/prepared for natural hazards they’ve been in (or if they’ve never been in one, how […]

Xaverian Brothers High School – STEM ...

On Tuesday, April 9th, 100 7th grade students from the Xaverian Brothers High School came for field trip to Northeastern. The students were split into three smaller groups and rotated between three stations: Snap Circuits, Overfishing, and the Earthquake lab.   Additional Photos  

Brooke Charter Roslindale – STEM Fiel...

On Friday, March 22 we had our second to last field trip of the academic year. 60 5th graders from the Brooke Charter School in Roslindale came to learn about telecommunications. This field trip was made possible by our partnership with professors Kaushik Chowdhury and Yousof Naderi, both part of the Genesys Lab. Thank you […]

Joyce Kilmer – STEM Field Trip (’18-’...

On Friday, March 15th, 60 middle school students from the Joyce Kilmer Upper School came for a field trip to Northeastern. The students spent the day learning about the environment, and what engineers can do to prevent the pollution of the environment and how water can be cleaned post-pollution. First, the students learned about engineering […]

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