2024 Young Scholars Program

Today concludes the first week of this year’s Young Scholars Program; the Michael B. Silevitch and Claire J. Duggan Center for STEM Education is delighted to welcome our 2024 cohort of scholars to campus! 

The Young Scholars Program (YSP) is a free program that aims to provide rising high school seniors with the opportunity to enrich their educations and future careers through meaningful hands-on research and projects hosted by Northeastern University. 

Our twenty-seven scholars spent this past week adjusting to a busy schedule, participating in team-oriented activities, and exploring each of their various labs across campus. This included presentations on key topics such as lab safety from Northeastern’s Office of Academic and Research Safety (OARS) and public safety from Northeastern’s Police Department (NUPD). As the YSPs are approaching their final year of high school, we’ve utilized morning homeroom to educate the scholars on such things as the CommonApp website, personal essays for college, and even had Northeastern’s Student Financial Services (SFS) offer a great insight on navigating the college financial aid process. Professor Najme Ebrahimi joined us for lunch on Wednesday, where she gave an insightful presentation on the “Next Generation of Smart Wireless Worlds and the Role of CHIP Act.” We also had the pleasure of learning about “Data and Management Science to Address Opioid Epidemic Crisis” from Professor Muhammad Noor E Alam and “Portable and Self-Cleaning Advanced Electro-Oxidation Systems for Distributed and Point-of-Use Water Treatment” from Muhammad Fahad (researcher in Akram Alshawabkeh’s lab). Thank you to all of our presenters!

Of course, the scholars met their faculty and graduate student mentors who helped them get accustomed to their labs and research projects. Their research ranges across many different topics of study within the College of Engineering*: 

We also made time for a few hands-on Engineering Design Process activities! In the images seen below, the Young Scholars had a lot of fun working in pairs to build paper towers, competing against each other to test the success of their designs. They worked in larger groups to construct unique contraptions in an egg drop activity and were hosted by CoE’s Civil and Environmental Engineering to participate in an Earthquake Lab. The scholars continued to grow closer over lunch, bonding over their favorite spots to eat in Boston and sharing the progress made in their labs. 

YSPs in the CEE Innovation Center are building their towers to test on the shake table.

YSPs working on their paper tower builds.

YSPs getting ready to deploy their egg drop contraptions off of the Columbus Garage ramp.











We wrapped up a successful week with a campus-wide scavenger hunt, splitting off into groups headed by each coordinator and racing to find the answer to each hint. We are so excited for the upcoming weeks and cannot wait to see what the YSP students will achieve this summer!

Co-Coordinator Angel’s scavenger hunt group posing in front of the mural “A World of Innocent Discovery” by Cedric Douglas.

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