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Starting March 2020, coinciding with the Covid-19 work-from-home, we began publishing a weekly STEM newsletter. Each newsletter introduces a STEM field of study (Nuclear Engineering, Epidemiology, Statistics, etc.), connects you with a professor and/or student in that field, has two activities, and additional extensions (such as video series or games related to the field). Below you will find our intended schedule for Newsletters, as well as an archive of those newsletters we’ve already published.

Note: Starting June 2020, we will be putting our weekly newsletters on hold and putting out a single, large Newsletter. Then, in September, we will continue with bi-weekly newsletters.

Newsletter Archive

  1. Week 1: Introduction to Engineering and the Design Process
  2. Week 2: Introduction to Engineering Disciplines
  3. Week 3: Introduction to Science Disciplines
  4. Week 4: Civil Engineering
  5. Week 5: Environmental Engineering/Science
  6. Week 6: Electrical and Computer Engineering/Science
  7. Week 7: Transportation Engineering
  8. Week 8: Industrial Engineering
  9. Week 9: Engineering Management
  10. Week 10: Bioengineering

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