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The Northeastern University (NU) ITEL Scholarship Program (NSF Award #0849804) supported academically talented, financially constrained students receiving degrees in STEM, with a focus on engineering leadership. This program targeted incoming freshmen from surrounding K-12 school districts and transfer students from partner Community Colleges. Targeted districts included but were not limited to Boston, Cambridge, and Medford. Partner Community Colleges included Mass Bay, Middlesex, Northern Essex Community College and Roxbury Community College. Special emphasis was made on recruiting and retaining traditionally underrepresented students in this program. Participants were identified through various partnership programs including but not limited to the Young Scholars Program, NU Advanced Placement Summer Academic Support Program, the SummerMath program in Pre-calculus, and the Northeastern University STEP-UP project. Potential candidates were also provided application assistance through the Admissions office. This program built on the support systems available for students in the Colleges of Engineering and Arts and Science. Academic mentoring and support activities and services were expanded through the involvement of affiliated faculty and students. Through coordinating services provided across institutional partners, scholarship recipients were provided the opportunity to belong to a distinguished research community. Additionally, Scholars participated in NU’s Cooperative Education program. News Article.

Where are they now?
NameMajorYear of GraduationCareer/Continued Education PlansFuther Information Links
Denis AnsahElectrical Engineering2014Interop Test Engineer at HPDenis' LinkedIn
Kevin BurgoCivil Engineering2015Estimating Engineer at Turner Construction CompanyKevin's LinkedIn
Maureen CabreraIndustrial Engineering 2015Project Implementation Coordinator at Center for STEM Education.Maureen's LinkedIn
Lia CaliseChemical Engineering2015Associate Advanced Quality Engineer at CR BardLia's LinkedIn
Casey Hersey (Cocoran)Electrical Engineering2014Hardware Engineer at TeradyneCasey's LinkedIn
Melissa EllisCivil Engineering 2015Engineer at Barletta Heavy DivisionMelissa's LinkedIn
Mohamed KanteElectrical Engineering2012Visionary & Chief Nerd at iNERDE Inc.Mohamed's LinkedIn
Jason LeeMechanical Engineering2015University Instructor at Zhejiang University of Science and TechnologyJason's LinkedIn
Nauchelle MartinezChemical Engineering2015Technical Engineer for Fujifilm Manufacturing USANauchelle's LinkedIn
Erin O'NeilElectrical Engineering 2017Current StudentErin's LinkedIn
Joseph RobinsonElectrical Engineering2014Computer Engineering Ph.D Student at Northeastern UniversityJoseph's LinkedIn
Lyda SallawayMechanical Engineering2015Lyda's LinkedIn

Research Experience
Neel ShahElectrical Engineering2015SoC Security Architect at Intel CorporationNeel's LinkedIn
Senior Spotlight

Key Program Components

Most Scholarship recipients attended the Northeastern University Summer Bridge program for entering engineering freshman and/or Transfer students. All but one of the invited students chose to attend this program. The Summer Bridge Program provided students the opportunity to meet as a cohort group in addition to meeting upper class STEM students. A variety of networking opportunities were provided. In addition students were provided an overview of academic and social supports available to them upon return to campus.

The program was held at an off campus location owned by the university, the Ashland Conference Center. More recent scholarship recipients engaged in summer research experiences to facilitate their transition into Northeastern University.

Scholarship recipients now span from freshman to graduates.

Academic Support

Monitoring programs, already in place at NU, continue to be available to all scholarship recipients. Program information has been shared at general college sessions in addition to scholarship group meetings and through our newly created electronic support system.

Collaborative programs such as WIE (Women in Engineering), and NUPRIME (NU Program in Multi-Cultural Engineering) are providing academic and professional help to underrepresented students.

Academic mentoring and opportunities to engage in research experiences and K-12 outreach efforts are being provided by Gordon Center for Subsurface Sensing and Imaging in collaboration with The Center for STEM Education.

Ongoing Support

ITEL Scholars continue to be supported as part of the university’s expanded research community. Seminars continue to be offered through the Gordon CenSSIS center in addition to those offered by a collaborative research center; ALERT a Department of Homeland Security Center of Excellence.

Students have continued to participate in a variety of seminars offered by the college throughout the academic year in addition to being encouraged to attend the annual meetings of our affiliated research center. ITEL Scholars were paired with upper class student mentors in their early years of the program.

ITEL Scholars were encouraged to attend the following activities and events over the past year. Most of these events are annual events students are encouraged to participate in.

  • SWE/Connections Luncheon
  • Engineering Ice Cream Social
  • Chemistry Review Sessions
  • Scavenger Hunt
  • COE Freshman Night
  • Breast Cancer Walk
  • Women in Engineering Day
  • Gordon CenSSIS K-12 Outreach Opportunities
  • Potluck Dinner for Freshman
  • Building Bridges

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