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Welcome to the Science Fair Blog Post! The science fair is an incredible opportunity to learn more about a topic and apply the scientific method to a project. We have compiled a list of resources that will help you make a successful Science Fair project!

  1. Science Buddies. Science Buddies is a website that contains many different resources for learning about science and different scientific concepts. Science Buddies has a Science Fair Projects page with more than 1200 projects with varying difficulties and a vast variety of topics. To make your search even easier, they have a Topic Selection Wizard that asks you a couple of questions about your interests and suggests the ideal projects for you!
  2. has a webpage dedicated to science fair project ideas, with more than 1,000 ideas to choose from! Don’t worry, you can sort the projects by grade, popularity, topic, and even use the search bar for more specific topics.

  3. NASA Video Series. NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory takes the time to explain the steps for completing a science fair project. In only five short videos, you can learn about coming up with an idea, formulating a hypothesis, designing and conducting your experiment, examining your results, and finally, presenting your project.

  4. Science Fair Central. This page of Science Fair Central contains three sections: Investigation, Scientific Steps, and Presentation. The first section contains several STEM topics with several Science Fair project ideas you can choose from. The second section, Scientific Steps, explains the steps you should take when investigating your science fair topic. The last section explains the layout of your poster for presenting your project, including any materials you need and what each panel should include.

  5. The Scientific Method (Khan Academy). If you still don’t fully understand the scientific method, don’t worry! This resource explains the steps of the scientific method simply with nice examples and some drawings too!

  6. Science Bob. Science Bob is another resource for potential science fair project ideas. Aside from being a science fair resource, this website provides a science Q&A, research help on various science-related topics ranging from animals to space, and videos of experiments.

  7. Science Fair Ideas. A pdf file filled with 200 Science Fair Project Ideas that will wow the judges and assist in narrowing down your project ideas.

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