Young Scholars Program: End of 2020 Program

Thursday, July 30th marked the end of the 2020 Young Scholars Program. Eighteen students presented their five weeks of virtual research to an audience of family, friends, and faculty through a Zoom call. Nine student pairs worked respectively in designed research areas such as chemical engineering, pharmacy, bioengineering, computer science, and civil and environmental engineering. Click Here to see this year’s posters and presentations.

Sample poster created during 2020 YSP (Elhamifar Lab)

We at the Center for STEM Education would like to congratulate the students for their hard work and dedication this summer! We would like to thank the professors and graduate student mentors for supporting the program this summer despite our challenging times during COVID-19. Additionally, we would like to recognize and thank the lunchtime seminar guests for taking the time to present their research to our scholars.

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