Edison K-8 School – STEM Field Trip 4 (’18-’19)

On Friday, October 19, 60 fourth grade students from the Edison K-8 School visited Northeastern for a field trip on solar panels, snap circuits, and wind turbines. In the morning, the students learned about various types of energy, including where they come from and what they are used for. They applied their knowledge on electrical energy by creating functional circuits that power a fan/lamp and even play music! The students also created and experimented with solar cells, lamps, and various materials to learn about renewable energy sources.

In the afternoon, the students continued to learn about renewable energy, in the context of wind turbines. After creating their own wind turbine blades, they had the chance to test out the blades’ effectiveness by seeing how fast they could raise a weight attached to a string when placed in front of a fan. The students were able to observe how the shape and size of the blades affected the movement of the weight and the speed.


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