Building Bridges – Fall 2018

On Friday, November 30th was the Fall 2018 edition of our Building Bridges event.

This event was our best attended (show up:sign up ratio) event in years! 132 students attended, from 42 schools and 10 states (including a student from California, the furthest state in 4 years). Students selected from 12 different activities, shown below. Thank you professors, Northeastern student volunteers, and Rich Harris for making this event possible!

Participating Faculty:

  • Phil Larese-Casanova: Drinking Water Treatment
    Learn how river water is converted to drinking water and conduct your own tabletop treatment plant
  • Hao Sun*: Making Buildings Smart
    Learn about the concept of structural monitoring and assessment including technologies such as advanced sensing, data analytics, artificial intelligence and computational modeling
  • Hande Musdal Ondemir: Optimizing Production: Can you Build it Better? Faster?
    Explore two primary modes of production, assembly line or single production method, to learn the important of industrial engineering
  • Sarah Ostadabbas*: Seeing Under the Cover
    Introduction to physics-inspired, vision-based approach to addressing the in-bed pose estimation problem
  • Joshua Gallaway*: Storing Electricity with Batteries
    We need better batteries for automobiles, buildings, and the power grid itself. Learn all about engineering batteries
  • Samuel Chung*: Regeneration with Lasers and Genetics
    Learn how laser surgery of single cells in worms can be used to study brain cell regeneration
  • Sidi Bencherif: Using Polymeric Hydrogels to Improve Life Quality
    Learn about polymers by making your own hydrogels and understand how they can be used as a drug/cell delivery device
  • Dagmar Sternad: Experimental Lab on Movement Analysis
    Showcase and hands-on experience of methods to collect quantitative data, such as motion capture, force plates, EEG and EMG
  • Rifat Sipahi: Mobile Robots and their Coordinated Motion
    Learn about low-cost mobile robots from manufacturing to software development, and undergraduate research opportunities
  • Gunther Zupanc & Rifat Sipahi: Regenerating the Central Nervous System
    Learn about the fundamental processes underlying the repair mechanisms facilitated by stem cells, and how the biological information can be connected to a mathematical framework to explain and predict the biological repair phenomena.
  • Ugurcan Ozdemir: Designing Earthquake Resistant Buildings
    Explore the world of structural engineering: see how designing earthquake-proof structures is important to the safety of millions
  • Ali Abur: Smart Grids
    Learn about power grid operation through a presentation and hands-on demos

* = first time Building Bridges faculty


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