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Young Scholars Program-Week 2

Young Scholars Program-Week 2

This morning, our Young Scholars participated in a design challenge. Mark Casto, a collaborating Boston area high school teacher, revisited the Engineering Design Process with the students and introduced a tower challenge. The students were given ten pieces of balsa wood of differing thicknesses and lengths, hot glue, and twenty minutes to build the tallest […]

2019 Young Scholar’s Program-En...

2019 Young Scholar’s Program-End of the 1st Week

Last Thursday was the end of our first week of the Young Scholar’s program. Our twenty-two students have been in their labs defining research goals and beginning to learn experimental procedures and techniques. On Wednesday, June 26th, the students participated in interactive seminars in which they learned about supply chain resiliency from Northeastern Professor Dr. […]

A summer of research and discovery; t...

A summer of research and discovery; twenty-two local high school students participate in the 2019 Northeastern University Young Scholars Program

Today, 22 high school students from the Greater Boston Area completed their first steps into the Northeastern University Young Scholars Program. Over the next six weeks, these students will gain hands-on experiences in engineering and science laboratories across campus. They will also develop posters and presentations for their research, and learn additional skills such as […]

REU POWER & D3 REU 1st Week

On May 28th, we welcomed 15 students to campus from 8 institutions participating in either the REU POWER and/or D3 REU programs, led by Professor Brad Lehman and Professor David Kaeli. Students will be working with exceptional faculty and graduate student mentors from across the university including: Ali Abur, Michael Kane, Brad Lehman, Carolyn Lee-Parsons, […]

JFK School – STEM Field Trip (’18-’19...

JFK School – STEM Field Trip (’18-’19)

Today, 5/28, we had a field trip of 5th grade students from the JFK school come to Northeastern for a day on Engineering and Natural Hazards/Disasters. The day started with a quick Do Now on how the students have reacted to/prepared for natural hazards they’ve been in (or if they’ve never been in one, how […]

Xaverian Brothers High School – STEM ...

On Tuesday, April 9th, 100 7th grade students from the Xaverian Brothers High School came for field trip to Northeastern. The students were split into three smaller groups and rotated between three stations: Snap Circuits, Overfishing, and the Earthquake lab.   Additional Photos  

Brooke Charter Roslindale – STEM Fiel...

On Friday, March 22 we had our second to last field trip of the academic year. 60 5th graders from the Brooke Charter School in Roslindale came to learn about telecommunications. This field trip was made possible by our partnership with professors Kaushik Chowdhury and Yousof Naderi, both part of the Genesys Lab. Thank you […]

Joyce Kilmer – STEM Field Trip (’18-’...

On Friday, March 15th, 60 middle school students from the Joyce Kilmer Upper School came for a field trip to Northeastern. The students spent the day learning about the environment, and what engineers can do to prevent the pollution of the environment and how water can be cleaned post-pollution. First, the students learned about engineering […]

Tobin K-8 – STEM Field Trip 14 (’18-’...

On Friday, February 15th, 50 5th grade students from the Tobin K-8 school visited Northeastern to learn about Engineering, Science, and Energy. Students started by learning about the Engineering Design Process and different types of engineers, then learned about energy: what it is, what the different types are (mechanical, thermal, kinetic, etc), what the sources […]

Chittick School – STEM Field Trip 13 ...

Chittick School – STEM Field Trip 13 (’18-’19)

This past Friday, February 1st, The Center for STEM Education hosted the Chittick School 5th graders for an engineering field trip. This is the 5th year Tanya Haney has brought her class to visit Northeastern! The 34 students had an exciting morning learning about the Engineering Design Process and how to apply it. They were […]

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