Happy Monday! New Resources for the Week

Happy Monday! We’re now in week 7 of social distancing/stay at home and it looks like we have at least a month more of this. Stay strong!

As we did last week, here’s two more resource highlights that were sent to us over the weekend, both of which are excellent!
Reminder – if you have a moment, please try out the do now and/or activity from this week’s newsletter and please send us ([email protected]) pictures!

Resource Highlights:

  1. Digital Promise – Online Learning Resources
    Digital Promise’s focus is on infusing the latest learning science research into the development of products and programs to advance public education and improve learning. Their list of free online learning resources is intended for educators and can be filtered by type, grade, and subject.
  2. Nitsch Engineering – Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day
    Nitsch Engineering is a local women-owned (WBE) civil engineering firm, with a variety of educational offerings. Since 2002 they have hosted an “Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day,” each year with a different specific field of engineering. During this year’s pandemic, they will be doing a virtual day: find out more here.

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