Last week we completed the third week of our REU-POWER and REU-PATHWAYS programs. REU-POWER, with a focus on energy-related research, is now in its final year, after having run from 2018 to 2022 (Alumni page). REU-PATHWAYS, our new grant (first year!), is focused on enriching community college students (current students) and is expected to run for the next 3 years.

On May 31st, we welcomed 12 students from 6 institutions to our university to participate in research with our exceptional faculty professors: Brad Lehman, Rifat Sipahi, Joshua Gallaway, Aatmesh Shrivastava, Taskin Padir, Qing Zhao, Carol Livermore, Laura Lewis, Mahsid Amirabadi, and David Kaeli. We are very grateful to all the faculty and mentors that are working with the students this summer!

Thomas conducting lab research

Students spent the first week learning and working with Arduino and the SparkFun kits that they were provided. These sessions helped them gain the knowledge to work towards a final project in which they will work in teams to build a SMART project. The first week ended with a scavenger hunt to get more familiar with campus and for a bit of fun (if you want to try it yourself – In-Person / Virtual NEU Scavenger Hunts).

Prof. Lehman’s energy workshop

In the second and third weeks, students completed lab safety and started using their labs to begin research. Many have already started making contributions to their research assignments. Students also participated in energy workshops run by Professor Lehman.

We’re looking forward to the next 6.5 weeks – final presentations will be on Wedn, August 3rd!

Scavenger Hunt

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