A summer of virtual exploration and discovery, the 2020 Young Scholars Program

This summer is a bit different at Northeastern University for the students selected to participate in the Young Scholar’s program. Selected students are participating in a fully virtual experience, working in teams with their mentors defining research goals, learning new software, beginning to learn experimental procedures and techniques, and so on. 18 students were accepted from a large pool of talented applicants from the Boston area.

This year, there are 9 participating professors: Ehsan Elhamifar (CS), Yunsi Fei (ECE), Sara Hashmi (ChemE), Michael Kane (CEE), Xue “Shelley” Lin (ECE), Lara Milane/Mansoor Amiji (Pharmacy), Jessica Oakes (BioE), Aatmesh Shrivastava (ECE), and Lu Wang (CS). For more information about the students, projects, and participating labs, take a look here.

The students are also participating in a number of interactive seminars, with faculty sharing presentations of their research and current Northeastern Students and YSP Alumni sharing their experiences in STEM fields. Sessions have included: Man-made Chemicals and the Environment (Loretta Fernandez), How Living Tubes Squeeze (Erin Cram), the Role of Mechanical Loading in Skeletal Health (Sandra Shefelbine), etc.

This year’s program is co-coordinated by two northeastern undergraduate students who have worked with the Center for STEM Education over the past year: Salima Amiji (Pharmacy ’25), a 2018 YSP graduate, and Natasha Zaarour (Behavioral Neuroscience ’24), with additional support by our center staff and work studies. The program started Monday, June 29th and wraps up on Thursday, July 30th, when students will be presenting their research.

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