2020 Young Scholars Program – YSP Alumni Presentations

Last week, students had the opportunity to meet two Young Scholars Program alumni, Natasha Fedan ’04 and Andre Gonzaga ’14. After completing YSP, Natasha Fedan went on to receive a Masters degree in Biology at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and is now working with the Naval Surface Welfare Center in Dahlgren, Virginia. Andre Gonzaga studied computer engineering at Boston University after YSP and now works as a software engineer at Goldman Sachs. Both alumni gave presentations about their college experiences and the pathways taken to reach their current careers: Fedan Presentation, Gonzaga Presentation

The students were later joined by another YSP alumni Erin O’Neill ’11 and her mother Elaine O’Neill. Following her experience in the Young Scholars Program, Erin went on to pursue a degree in electrical engineering and physics at Northeastern University and received her Masters degree at Boston University in electrical and computer engineering. Erin is now an Edison engineer at GE Aviation. Elaine O’Neill is the Vice President and Business Unit Manager of AMETEK Sensors and Fluid Management Systems within GE Aviation.

All three alumni noted the positive impacts YSP had on the majors they pursued in college, as well as their career decisions. The speakers explained how their journeys to their current occupation were not always linear and emphasized to the students to embrace each opportunity as a learning experience. The speakers also encouraged students to follow their passions and be willing to take risks.

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