Chittick School – STEM Field Trip 13 (’18-’19)

This past Friday, February 1st, The Center for STEM Education hosted the Chittick School 5th graders for an engineering field trip. This is the 5th year Tanya Haney has brought her class to visit Northeastern!

The 34 students had an exciting morning learning about the Engineering Design Process and how to apply it. They were broken up into teams and tasked with designing and building Popsicle stick catapults. They used the catapults to launch payloads of Skittles for accuracy at a target.

Our undergraduate student volunteers then provided a “College 101” dialogue during lunch, where students from the Chittick School were able to ask questions about college life, classes and the Northeastern experience.

After lunch, the class had one final design challenge. Drop and egg from a great height and build a catching device so the egg doesn’t break. The students were able to get creative with a number of craft supplies, like card board, cotton balls, balloons, and straws, in order to save the falling egg.

The Center for STEM had a wonderful time hosting these students and hope to see Ms. Haney’s classes for years to come!


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