Brooke Charter Roslindale – STEM Field Trip (’18-’19)

On Friday, March 22 we had our second to last field trip of the academic year. 60 5th graders from the Brooke Charter School in Roslindale came to learn about telecommunications. This field trip was made possible by our partnership with professors Kaushik Chowdhury and Yousof Naderi, both part of the Genesys Lab. Thank you to both of you!

The students started the day by learning about engineering – what is an engineer and how do they solve problems (engineering design process!). The students then learned about telecommunications – what it means, the history of telecommunications, what different methods exist, and how some of them work. The students then split up and did two activities, one in which they simulated a small city and marked the paths signals take from one phone type to another, whilst in the other activity the students sent and received Morse code signals using snap circuit LED circuits.

After lunch, the students split up again, half of the students visited the Genesys lab in ISEC 572, whilst the other half of the class participated in a college 101, during which students asked Northeastern undergraduate volunteers and PhD students in the Genesys lab various questions about college and STEM. The PhD students started the discussion by talking about their research, which included Wireless Charging, UAV charging and communication, and intra-body communications.

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