Phineas Bates Elementary School – STEM Field Trip 6 (’18-’19)

On Friday, November 2, 40 fourth graders from the Phineas Bates Elementary School came to visit Northeastern for a field trip on engineering. They engaged in two specific activities: reverse egg drop and catapults. In the morning, students completed the “Reverse Egg Drop” activity, in which the students had to think like an engineer and create an effective device that results in a successful egg drop (no cracks!). They were given a budget and were allowed to “purchase” different materials. It was a test of creativity and materials science.

In the afternoon, the students created catapults, using popsicle sticks, tape, rubberbands, and a spoon, that would eventually be used to shoot Skittles. Many interesting designs were developed as their was tons of room for creativity with the base and overall structure!

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