2019 Young Scholar’s Program-End of the 1st Week

Last Thursday was the end of our first week of the Young Scholar’s program. Our twenty-two students have been in their labs defining research goals and beginning to learn experimental procedures and techniques.

YSP students perform routing exercises to understand the route planning necessary for drone parcel delivery with Prof. Mehdi Behroozi.

On Wednesday, June 26th, the students participated in interactive seminars in which they learned about supply chain resiliency from Northeastern Professor Dr. Xiaoning “Sarah” Jin. They learned about supply chain and the indirect impact natural disasters may have on manufacturing.  At lunch they had talks on the impact of adolescent sports on joint development with PhD Student Rachel Horenstine, and theoretical physics from Professor Dr. Max Bi.

The following day, we had an on-campus engineering exploration day. The students went to four seminars with focuses ranging from robotic arms or new batteries to smart home and buildings or drone parcel delivery. The seminars were taught by professors at Northeastern and students had an opportunity to directly interact with different disciplines in engineering and science. Finally, the Young Scholars had a chance to let loose and explore the campus by participating in a scavenger hunt to find important landmarks here at Northeastern University.

YSP participants Sophia Franklin and Jenny Zeng work together to code a robot arm to pick up and throw a small cardboard box in a seminar with Prof. David Kaeli.

Samson, Tina, Alyssa, and Emily found a Husky on the Young Scholar’s Scavenger Hunt.


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