Young Scholars Program-Week 2

This morning, our Young Scholars participated in a design challenge. Mark Casto, a collaborating Boston area high school teacher, revisited the Engineering Design Process with the students and introduced a tower challenge. The students were given ten pieces of balsa wood of differing thicknesses and lengths, hot glue, and twenty minutes to build the tallest tower to hold the weight of a brick. The students had about 30 minutes to plan and assemble their towers.

















This week during lab visits we found students in the Cram Lab perfecting their technique for gel electrophoresis and ligation for replications of RNA. In the Onabajo lab, students and mentors went over methods for filtering noise out of electrical signals.

Students Omar and Jenny work on gel electrophoresis in the Cram Lab.

YSP students David and Jay look on while mentor explains signals on oscilloscope.

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