Young Scholars Program-Week 3

Week three of the Young Scholars Program marks the halfway point for our high school researchers. The students are getting in to the swing of things; building prototypes, developing lab procedures and learning how to have a larger role in the lab. Students are in their labs from 9:30 am to 4:30 pm, each morning they participate in Homeroom where the coordinators, Emily and Salima are able to supplement their research experience with interactive lessons about college-prep, LinkedIn and professional resumes, as well as engineering workshops. Lunch time the students meet in the Northeastern Student Center for networking and bonding each day, updating their peers on their lab progress as well as summer plans.

Prof. Ioannidis introducing the topic of Big Data to the Young Scholars during Wednesday Seminar.

This week at our Wednesday lunch seminar, Professor Ioannidis introduced Big Data & Data Science. With the overwhelming growth of the Internet and the huge wealth of data available there are great demands for more powerful computing. Prof. Ioannidis presented and interactive activity with a task to complete a puzzle in small groups in order to represent the power of parallel processing of data.













Tomorrow the Young Scholars go on their first field trip to New Bedford to see the Massachusetts Commerce Terminal as well as the New Bedford Port Authority and learn about the new development of off-shore wind farming.

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