Building Bridges – Spring 2022

In collaboration with the Northeastern University’s College of Engineering and Admissions Department, the Center for STEM Education hosted the Spring 2022 Building Bridges event on Friday, April 29th, 2022. 47 students from 3 different states and 19 different schools had the opportunity to attend 8 sessions, where they learned about various engineering topics through hands-on activities and presentations (see below for what was offered).

The day started with a warm welcome from the Director for Center for STEM Education Claire Duggan, followed by an introduction to Northeastern University’s College of Engineering by Dean Rachelle Reisberg. The students spent their mornings attending two different sessions, based on their engineering interests. These sessions were taught by faculty members, as well as graduate and PhD students working in the associated labs. Multiple Northeastern students attended the lunch session with our participants and conducted informal STEM panels. Natasha Zaarour (Behavioral Neuroscience), Zandria Hughes (Industrial Engineering), and Franklin Ollivierre (Civil Engineering) from the Center for STEM Education gave an informal college and STEM panel. Students asked questions about the college process, life as a student at Northeastern University, and engineering in college.

Afterwards, two NEU students discussed their paths to and through college: Maddy Weaver, a senior engineering student from S-POWER in electrical engineering and Paola Kefallinos, a Mechanical engineering student in Rifat Sipahi’s lab.

Thank you to all faculty, staff members, volunteers, and student panelists for your help today and making this day possible!


  • How do Worms Deal with the Lethal Threat of Chemicals in their Environment? (Biology) by Professor Javier Apfeld
  • Engineering Microbes for Solving Complex Problems in Biology and Medicine (Bioengineering) by Professor Jiahe Li
  • Illusion Optics (Mechanical/Electrical and Computer Engineering) by Professor Yongmin Liu
  • Sensors for the Environment (Environmental Engineering) by Professor Amy Mueller
  • Looking at the Future of Wireless Networks and Software (Electrical and Computer Engineering) by Research Scientist Michele Polese
  • Conquering the Spectrum for Next  Generation Wireless Networks (Electrical and Computer Engineering) by Professors Stefano Basagni & Josep Jornet
  • Polymeric Hydrogels to Improve Life Quality (Bioengineering) by Professor Sidi Bencherif
  • Single-Cell Microscopy and Genetics (Bioengineering) by Professor Samuel Chung


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