Happy Monday! New Resources for the Week

Hope Everyone had a nice weekend (despite the awful weather). Looking forward to another week, quarantine or no! As we begin the week, I’d like to highlight two resources that were sent to me over the weekend, both of which are excellent! Also – if you have a moment, please try out the do now and/or activity from this week’s newsletter and please send us ([email protected]) pictures of either your catapult design and/or your drawing of what you think an engineer looks like!

Resource Highlights:

  1. Carolina – Learning from Home
    Carolina Biological Supply Company is committed to support parents, teachers, and school districts with learn-from-home resources during this challenging time. Explore these resources for elementary and middle school students from Carolina’s Building Blocks of Science 3D, Innovators in Science, and Smithsonian Programs.
  2. FOSS – Modules w/ @Home Connections
    FOSS (Full Option Science System) offers a number of ways to get parents involved in their child’s science education. Many of the units now have a “FOSS at Home Folio”, which provides several ways to bridge from the classroom to home, including letters to parents, home/school connections, and math extensions.

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