nuSTEM Newsletter 23 (11/16 – 11/23) – Careers in Engineering

Welcome to Newsletter 23!
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In our newsletter you will be introduced to a STEM topic and find a related-activity to work on during the week (please share your results with us!), as well as extensions to additional learning or games related to the field. In addition, you will find a Northeastern connection – something Northeastern is doing related to that field. This week’s topic: Careers in Engineer. For a list of prior blog posts, see the blog index.

Resource Highlight

The possibilities are endless when you’re choosing a career in the field of engineering. The skills that an engineers have are extremely useful and can be applied to a variety of jobs. The tough choice is deciding what you want to do as an engineer.

    This is a great resource to start off your research about Engineering and the possible Careers within the field of Engineering. They give a really great synopsis on Engineering myths, the Importance of engineering, and delves into the Why there are so many branches and what each branch entails. Our Newsletter 2 also outlines the major types of engineering, and includes other activities that go along with it, so make sure to check out that too!
  • Top Universities
    If you’re looking for more specific branches of engineering careers or looking for something fun to read about that still informs you about Engineering Careers, this is the website to check out. From a Sports Engineer to a Pyrotechnic Engineer, this website highlights eight more niche fields of engineering which is definitely worth a read. It is also opens your mind up to just how engineering can be applied to any career!

Web Resources for K-12 Students and Parents

In addition to the resource highlight above, which is tied directly to the Newsletter topic, we will also highlight two new web resources each week.

  • Ella the Engineer Deloitte & Ella the Engineer Join Forces in New Comic Book Series to Spur Student Interest in STEM
    An interactive comic book series about Ella the Engineer, this is a great way to learn more about Engineering and what it looks like in our everyday life. It’s a great way to learn while reading a comic book! There are three settings that it can be used as – on a playdate, at home on your own, or in the classroom.
  • STEM Games for Kids Maryville University Online Logo
    An entire webpage dedicated to STEM Games for kids, this is definitely a page to check out if you want to have fun while learning more about STEM. With a variety of games, there’s a multitude of games that you can choose from that definitely test and improve your STEM knowledge.

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