Mary Lyon K-8 – STEM Field Trip (11/12)

On November 12th, 48 x 4-6th grade students from the Mary Lyon K-8 School in Boston came for a virtual field trip. This is the 4th consecutive year that the Mary Lyon has come for a field trip to Northeastern! We love having them come. Thanks to Mrs. Kit for arraigning these visits!

For the day, we were hoping to do an introduction to Engineering and Environmental Engineering (sustainability), but unfortunately Prezi (our presentation webhost) was down – moving forward, our presentations will be offline PowerPoint files, so that this does not happen again. Therefore, instead of our planned Overfishing activity, we did our Paper Towers activity (Civil Engineering), as well as a STEM Panel by Madisyn, Tyree, and Hadeel.

In regards to the feedback below and creating smaller breakout rooms – we would love to, but sadly (due to NU policy) are limited to breakout rooms with 2 adults per room, and simply did not have the volunteer numbers to accomplish this. We will hopefully have more volunteers in the future!

Student Feedback:
Average Rating: 0.7 | KEY: 1 = :), 0 = :|, -1 = ;(

  • One thing I learned is that you don’t need to avoid mistakes because you learn from the mistake that you made. For example, if I was creating a tool or an electrical device and I made a mistake, I would be able to learn from that and make it again but even better!
  • I think one of the best parts of the events was making tower using our brain, using our imagination and if we made a mistake we can always try again.
  • That there are different types of engineers because i only thought there were only 1 type but there is many.

Teacher Feedback:
Average Rating: 5.0 | KEY: 5 = highest, 1 = lowest

  • It was great for students to have the opportunity to do a hands-on project considering they spend so much time online and looking at the screen.
  • Most beneficial part was .. the hands on challenge and the ability to talk through the successes and areas of growth so the students could apply that learning to the next round of working on their design (paper tower challenge).
  • Loved the tower project and hearing from NEU students. Great role models and inspiration for the students. It was good to hear from NEU students with varied backgrounds in STEM.
  • Perhaps using breakout rooms to have smaller mixed groups work on the tasks and do a small group share on the paper tower activity as well as the “What is This Thing” activity. And having all the small groups join together and the groups can take turns sharing what they thought a specific item was. We enjoyed that part and would have liked to hear students share their thoughts and explain their thinking some more.

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