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Welcome to Newsletter 32!
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In our newsletter you will be introduced to a STEM topic and find a related-activity to work on during the week (please share your results with us!), as well as extensions to additional learning or games related to the field. In addition, you will find a Northeastern connection – something Northeastern is doing related to that field. This week’s topic: STEAM. For a list of prior blog posts, see the blog index.

Resource Highlight

  • STEAM – The Importance of Art in STEM Education
    For many years, education around the world focused on just STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics). However, there has been a recent shift to further incorporate the Arts to STEM to create STEAM. In this article, it discusses about how the incorporation of the Arts promotes design thinking and creativity that will cause a shift in the way we see STEM. Learn more about how STEAM is important and how it’ll impact how we see STEM.
  • STEAM Activities for Kids – Go Science Kids

    With the growth of STEAM, Go Science Kids is a database filled with STEAM activities for parents, teachers, and students to try out. These activities promote creative thinking while still encouraging interest in topics relating to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. From refracting drawings to magnetic mazes to salt crystal snowflakes, there’s a variety of activities to get involved with.

Web Resources for K-12 Students and Parents

In addition to the resource highlight above, which is tied directly to the Newsletter topic, we will also highlight two new web resources each week.

  • – Design + Imagination in STEM provides a variety of activities that educates and promotes learning in STEM related topics. All STEM activities are categorized into tools, language, discovery, and design. And with over 300 activities, there’s something for everyone.
  • Our Virtual Makerspace The Library Voice: Our Virtual Makerspace For Middle & High School Students  Is Open & Ready For Lots Of Making Fun!
    Our Virtual Makerspace is a great substitute when an in-person makerspace is no longer an option. With a collection of activities organized into Art, Build, Code, Design, Engineer, Music, Read, Robotics, and more, these activities substitute the same creative thinking and fun of an in-person makerspace with virtual activities instead!

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