NUSSP 2016 – Wrap up

After two weeks of educational activities, college-life integration, and the summer sun, the NUSSP wrapped up for 2016. Despite the fact that the program had undergone a myriad of changes since last summer, our students and parents reported back with some of the most positive feedback we’ve received yet!

Students learned about alternative and sustainable forms of energy, land and air transportation, safety within the community regarding disease and outbreaks, overfishing and supply chain management, urban planning, as well as water pollution and filtration. These experiences came in various forms, including several hands-on activities, mathematically-based work, outdoor applications, and other simulations.

Our 31 students this year began the program shy and tentative about new experiences like these. Yet they left the program as a cohesive unit wherein each student had learned some excellent independent social skills to go along with his or her new STEM skills.

Thanks to the parents and students for their cooperation and excitement! We wish them all great luck in the coming years, and hope to see them again soon with our callback initiatives and other programs.

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