IFTP 2016 – Wrap up

With the conclusion of two weeks of educational activities, transportation engineering excursions, and college-life integration, IFTP wrapped up for 2016.  Despite the fact that this was the first year that we are running this program, it was met with excellent feedback from both parents and students.

Students learned about our current transportation system in Boston from the people who engineer the streets and subways, including Mass Dot and the MBTA Control Center.  They also had the opportunity to attend a conference and experience what that environment is like, preparing for the future.  These experiences came in various forms, including several hands-on activities, mathematically-based work, outdoor applications, and other simulations.

Our 23 students banded together fairly quickly to have a great time this summer, some of whom already knew one another from previous programs or local communities.  Part of the Center for STEM’s mission is to establish a relationship with these students and support them throughout their educational careers.

Thanks to the parents and students for their cooperation and excitement!  We wish them all great luck in the coming years, and hope to see them again soon with our callback initiatives and other programs.

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