Pathways to STEM

Pathways to STEM

Pathways to STEM (P2STEM) is an after school program geared towards high school students interested in STEM. Students will be exploring diverse career pathways through research presentations. Northeastern faculty members will be presenting their ongoing research to participants, and participants will have time to ask questions about the presenter’s research and their field of study. Presentations will be occur via Zoom every Tuesday/Thursday from 4:00-5:00pm for 8 weeks, starting September 28/30th. Registration for this program is required. To sign up, please complete this survey:

Current Program Schedule [Tu & Thur, 4:00-5:00pm]:

  • 9.28.21 (Tu): Unknown Title [ElecE] by Professor Josep Jornet
  • 9.30.21 (Th): Unknown Title [Chem] by Professor Rein Kirss
  • 10.5.21 (Tu): Learning Green Routes: An Intro to the Intelligent Use of Wake-Up Radio Technology for the Internet of Things [CompE] by Professor Stefano Basagni
  • 10.7.21 (Th): Unknown Title [Beh.Neur] by Professor Gunther Zupanc
  • 10.12.21 (Tu): Unknown Title [CompE] by Professor David Kaeli
  • 10.14.21 (Th): Networks, Robot Coordination and Challenges by Professor Rifat Sipahi
  • 10.19.21 (Tu): Unknown Title [Mech/BioE] by Professor Sandra Shefelbine
  • 10.21.21 (Th): Man-made Chemicals in the Environment [Chem] by Professor Loretta Fernandez
  • 10.26.21 (Tu): Engineering Polymeric Hydrogels… [BioE] by Professor Sidi Bencherif
  • 10.28.21 (Th): Unknown Title [Pharm] by Professor Tali Konry
  • 10.28.21 (Th): Home Blood Pressure Monitoring [Pharm] by Professor Michelle Jacobs
  • 11.2.21 (Tu): Unknown Title [ChemE] by Professor Rebecca Willits
  • 11.4.21 (Th): The Spooky World of Quantum Mechanics [Physics] by Professor Adrian Feiguin
  • 11.9.21 (Tu): Sensors and Data Science for Env… [EnvE] by Professor Amy Mueller
  • 11.16.21 (Tu): Soft Materials and Soft Machines [MechE] by Professor Ruobing Bai
  • 11.18.21 (Th): TBD

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