K-12 Outreach Training

K-12 Outreach Training & Certificate

Volunteer outreach can often be a challenging pursuit. The ability to effectively tutor, instruct, guide, and mentor young people is a skill that is honed over years of practice. Even seasoned volunteers and teachers are constantly learning and adapting new outreach  skills and strategies. With that being said, everybody has to start somewhere!

The Center for STEM Education provides outreach training and certification that will provide a sound basis for being a confident and effective outreach volunteer. Additionally, It’s a great resume builder (LOTS of companies do outreach and value the communication and leadership skills you gain by doing outreach) and it will enhance leadership and communication skills along the way!

Step 1: Training

Description & Sign-up:

From effective messaging to hands-on activity ideas and managing activity rooms and booths, learn best practices from the experts! Led by the Center for STEM Education, the workshop will help all volunteers and participants have the best experience possible. Training will include:

  • How to present information and lead an activity in a way that excites kids about engineering
  • Where to find free hands-on activity resources
  • How to manage an activity in different settings

In order to achieve your certificate, you must do at least 4 hours of STEM outreach over the course of the fall and/or spring semester. Find outreach opportunities on The Center for STEM volunteer page, on the STEMOut Facebook Page, or through volunteer for events across the College.

Training Resources:

  • Event planning check-list (handout)
  • Tips for planning, preparing and leading outreach and engaging adults (handout)
  • Your role as a volunteer
  • Activity Checklist: Tips from FETCH (handout)
  • Techbridge: A Guide for Classroom Visits and Field Trips (includes ice breakers and hands-on activities)

Step 2: Engage in Outreach

The next step in receiving your certification is participating in four or more hours of outreach. You can sign up for the Center for STEM’s Friday field trips during the academic year, or connect with the Northeastern STEM Outreach Club (STEMout) to find outreach opportunities!

Hands-on Activity Examples:

Click this link to learn more about the hands on activities we offer!

Step 3: Receive a Certificate

The Center for STEM K-12 STEM Outreach Certificate is for those individuals who complete a number of requirements. Certification occurs on an annual basis and individuals must recertify each year. No need to attend the training again if you have already attended in the past.

Individual Certification

      1. attend one K-12 Outreach training session
      2. complete a minimum of 4 hours of K-12 STEM outreach during the semester
      3. complete and submit required compliance paperwork

Step 4: Use your Certificate

What do you get for achieving the certificate? It’s a great resume builder for individuals (LOTS of companies do outreach and value the communication and leadership skills you gain by doing outreach). Enjoy providing great service to community – it’s fun! Enhance your leadership and communication skills along the way.

Create activities
Lead sessions

This certificate program modeled off of Cockrell School of Engineering’s Outreach Certificate

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