REU Power/Pathways – Halfway Update

As we begin week 6 for our REU-PATHWAYS and REU-POWER  programs, students have now been participating and contributing helpful work to their research projects.

While they have been making active contributions, the students have also started picking up valuable skills along the way. Students have learned new skills such as data Python, Matlab, and Linux, and they’ve refined their skills in Circuit Design and using Solidworks.

Students have also continued their work with Jen Love and created the design for their SMART Project. In these projects, they are using the Sparkfun circuit kit to design and build a programmable device with Arduino that will make some daily tasks better. Some of the designs include moisture-sensing watering systems for plants or an automatic pill dispenser. All of the designs are very exciting and we look forward to seeing these wonderful projects develop in the near future.

Along with their projects, students have also had the opportunity to learn with Professor Brad Lehman in his energy workshop. In the past couple of weeks, they have gained deeper knowledge about renewable energy devices and methods that are done today. Just recently, they worked with Prof. Lehman to perform experiments studying wind energy and windmills.

Students work on their wind energy lab with Professor Lehman

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